4 reasons why these vegetable shaped magnets are way better than any other promotional tools

Advertising has been part of every successful business. It is aimed to increase visibility and familiarity of a certain product or company. A lot of companies spend billions to promote their business but nowadays a lot of affordable promotional tools are sprouting in the market that gives all businesses the opportunity to market their business.2.5x2.5 Customized Pumpkin Shaped Magnets 20 Mil

The use of flyers, paper coupons and leaflets has been the most common ways of promoting a business. All of these tools are very affordable but we want you to know that there is another affordable alternative to this type of promotions and that is our Vegetable Shaped Magnets. Even though these are small, these have been proven as an effective promotional tool.

Our vegetable shaped magnets are ideal for businesses that are into selling fruits and vegetables. You can use these custom magnets to let the community know that there is a newly opened fruit and vegetable stand in the neighborhood. You can have information imprinted on these magnets such as organic grown or locally sourced produce together with your store’s name and contact information. If you do this, you will grab a greater portion of the consumers compared to your competitors. Also, when you distribute these fun vegetable shaped magnets, you are most likely making people to shop at your store.Food companies such as restaurant or catering services can also invest in these custom magnets. The vegetable design of these custom magnets already speaks for itself. If someone stares at these custom magnets from their refrigerator doors, they are more likely to call your number and have food delivered to their homes. According to PPAI’s research, 42% of respondents prefer to have the information for their favorite pizza delivery restaurant on a magnet on their refrigerator door.

These custom magnets should be your choice for the very reason that it is inexpensive and easy to distribute. Having these custom magnets will give you a bigger market base simply because you are able to reach more people than any other promotional tools.It can be easily placed on refrigerator doors of each household making your business information flaunted to everyone.

  1. Cost Efficient – We believe that our custom magnets are the most affordable in the market today and are aimed to maximize publicity and exposure.For us to be able to truly help you, our fellow business owners, we aim to minimize the expenses you will incur when you purchase from us. That is why we have come up with freebies for shipping, art set up and custom design.
  2. Constant visibility – Unlike any other conventional business cards that get mixed up with other paper or documents, these custom magnets will constantly remind members of the household of the products or services that you offer.
  3. Longer Shelf Life – compared to any other promotional tools such as flyers or leaflets, these custom magnets offers longer life due to the materials used. Our custom magnets have been tested and proven to withstand different weathers conditions unlike conventional business cards that can be easily torn apart.
  4. Attention Grabber – These custom magnets will definitely turn heads because of its laminated finish. Aside from that, these custom magnets are already designed in unique shapesso that it will fully capture the target market.

Our custom magnets will ultimately draw people to your business. It has been proven time and again of its effectiveness compared to any other promotional tools. Your do not really have to invest a lot of money to get attention. All you have to do is order these custom magnets today.