A few reasons why advertisers bank on Miscellaneous Shaped Magnets for their brand promo

Miscellaneous shaped magnets will get your business message out with the least effort and budget. Available in a bevy of custom shapes like lobsters, chef hats, mailbox, mugs, cans, doctor’s bag, paintbrush and much more, your branding promo gets endless possibilities with these cute little magnets that stand out for their good looks!

5x2 inch Acoustic Guitar Shaped Magnet

The wide imprint area can house your brand message and logo in style for everyone to see. Offered in all possible shapes, sizes and prices, miscellaneous custom magnets are excellent business promotional giveaways and party favors and individual gifts alike. It is impossible not to get smitten by the charm of these logo imprinted magnets that can promote your business lines with ease. These magnets that are offered in shapes that are readily recognizable by your customers will make your promotion easy and well targeted.

Once these miscellaneous magnets find the recipients, these get viewed over and over by everyone at home or workplace! Repeated exposure of your brand will reinforce your business information in the minds of your customers. This is where the long lasting custom magnets score over the conventional paper mailers that only get looked at or a brief time before being trashed.

Wireless publicity is expensive and the print media is not popular and this is where custom magnets score a few brownie points. Ideal for both long term indoor and outdoor promotional campaigns, promotional magnets are seen over and over again, many times a day and the brand logo on these magnets at their fridge or work desks will continue to influence the customers in a steady and effective manner.

3x3.19 Starburst Shape Full Color Magnets

You can invest in a customized 1.62 x 3.81 key shaped full color magnet to unlock the competition and a ensure a full brand promotion among your customers. This trendy custom magnet will sit pretty on your work desk, kitchen counter or refrigerator and will always hold the attention of your customers. Research shows that an average person visits their fridge at least 8 times a day and a fridge magnet will be retained by a recipient for an average of two years. This shows that your business logo will get scores of impressions in house, work space or the move to make your business promotions good value for money.

Miscellaneous shaped magnets make excellent promotional giveaways, party favors and employee appreciation gifts alike. Beat the fierce competition with these curious shaped magnets that will make sure that your brand will never go unnoticed. People love to have these custom magnets in their house as these make useful widgets to keep notes, bills, shopping lists and much more.

Check out these 2 x 2.625 Medal Shaped Full Color Magnets that make perfect gifts to appreciate your top performing employees or to thank your customers. These custom magnets that are modeled after the symbols of excellence of medals are perfect for new shop openings, or awards and certifications.

Hand these out in tradeshows or events or through direct mail campaigns and see your brand image getting a huge toss. Magnets are not throw away items like paper flyers or newspapers. People love to stick these colorful magnets on their refrigerator or work desks to enhance the looks of their personal space and when they see these logo imprinted magnets many times a day, your brand gets the much needed exposure.