Airplane shaped magnets for airline promotions

Each day starts with news on airline service cancellations.  As you open the newspaper, your eyes will fix around a headline:
PTI Jan 15, 2012, 10.14PM IST: American Airlines to end services on Delhi-Chicago route
15FEB12: Air Mauritius to Cancel Service to 8 Destinations in 2012

As suggested before, the American airline is considering of axing its service on Chicago and Delhi route. It is suggested that in the coming years many big airlines will follow the suit. Actually this type of cancellations has intensified the fight between existing airline companies. These companies compete against each other over services, charges and customer support. This tooth and nail competition has forced airline advertisers to seek new promotional techniques involving magnets.

Many of the airline advertisers have already incorporated airline shaped magnets in their promotional campaign.  This specific shaped magnet offered has aided those advertisers who have believed in two keywords-

Visitor is a King
All airlines understand that visitors are the people who bring them the most business. Therefore, it becomes mandatory to address them in unique ways. Airline advertisers can choose to acknowledge the customers by offering them a cute promotional magnetic coupon on the culmination of their travel. Travelers will always find it easier to treasure the memories of travel in the form of this magnet pinned against their refrigerator door or their work cubicles. So, the next time when they think of flying, the first name that pops in mind will be yours. Apart from that airlines can choose to promote their special flying offers and discounts through these custom magnets.

Passing the Right Buck
Any idea will fizzle out, if it’s not executed with a thought.  Being an airline advertiser, you can choose to execute these promotions (read through customized magnets) to visitors who are on-

  • Important business tour
  • Honeymoon trips

Or try to hand these customized magnetic tokens via –

  • Travel insurances
  • Catering services inside airplanes

Being an airline advertiser, you can make best use of specific airplane magnet because it will capture the customer minds.