How Can You Employ Custom 5×7 Magnets Creatively?

If you expect a large imprint area against small investment, look no further than custom 5×7 magnets! This magnet offers high impact to your business or personal messages because they never go unnoticed. A 5×7 magnet offers large space for detailed messaging and bigger graphical representations, which ensure that your information is seen day after day. This bigger magnet easily moistens up minds of onlookers with their largeness and they can prominently feature from over refrigerator surfaces or other metal surfaces within home.

Custom 5×7 Magnets

This means you can easily get it imprinted with logos, slogans, images, texts and many more. These 5×7 magnets are one of our best sellers because everyone finds them appealing! They are generally employed for persuasive type of promotions that feature over customer’s fridges and keep them on hold for long time. Before you make the investing decision, here are some creative ways you can employ these 5×7 custom magnets

Flyer Magnets
Flyers are popular choice for marketers trying to promote their business in a big way. Picture perfect choice for nightclub owners, luxury and lifestyle stores, and other hospitality marketers who are striving to grab large market share than other niche competitors. You can offer it as a calendar of shopping events or gig events at your bar or use it as an event calendar with precision.

Menu Magnets
A super winsome choice for takeaway restaurants or theme restaurants trying to boost their sales or special menu deals. Most of the prospective customers who receive this magnet would be happier to retain it over their fridges/work cabinets/ kitchen cabinets because it gives them easy access to menu items, their prices or contact details. By availing benefits of full color magnet printing, you can easily position your business on the top of game.

Greeting Card Magnets
Do you wish to remain always closer to your customers by tickling their consciousness? Here is how you can do it- by conveying your warm and hearty feelings through personalized 5×7 magnets. You can get it done tastefully with designs and photos, which interests customers. Customers would happily respond to this effort and sentiment. You can always add your contact details to make it more responsive!

Car Magnets
Perhaps you have to choose customized 5×7 magnets (outdoor safe) for this purpose. You can get it done with information that interests onlookers. You can either employ it for introducing your brand or making some awesome announcements about discounts, festive sales or many more. Stay assured of its easy acceptance due to its large size. Also, you can pack maximum information against this magnet.

You can work sensibly, confidently and proactively by availing customized 5×7 magnets for value building.