Are you eyeing healthy promotions with Custom Fruit Shaped Magnets?

Custom fruit shaped magnets are irresistible options to put your brand ahead in the competitive market. Slice down the competition without spending an arm and a leg with these cost effective custom magnets. These custom fruit shaped refrigerator magnets make excellent promotional giveaways for tradeshows, health fests, conventions and fairs. These can also be used in healthy eating awareness campaigns and for daily mailer campaigns.

1.75x2.13 Custom Apple Shape Full Color Magnets

Fruit shaped magnets can be used to promote food related businesses, juice stalls, fruit shops and other related businesses. Customize it with your brand and logo to enjoy a non- stop brand exposure. People will love to stick these magnets shaped like luscious fruits on their fridge doors or work counters and every time they see these attractive and colorful magnets bearing your logo and business message, your branding promo will hit the next level.

Available in a range of choices like that of apples, pears, strawberry, pumpkin, carrots and more, these fruit shaped custom magnets never fail to impress. These can be used to promote nutritionists and wellness programs who can avail attractive discounts by placing bulk orders. Absolute crowd pleasers, these custom magnets will steal the hearts of any recipient in no time. Apple shaped magnets and strawberry shaped magnets are the most ordered items around USA as these find a wide range of applications.

The irresistibly low sticker prices of these custom magnets make it a sure fire way to promote small and medium organizations with a small budget fund. Whether you plan to make use of these delightful fruit shaped magnets as a mailer, a gift, decorative piece or a token of appreciation, these magnets will always draw instant attention and applause.

1.87x2 Custom Pumpkin Shape Full Color Magnet

Here are some of the advantages of these custom magnets that make them friends for any budget marketer

  • These can be used to promote all types of businesses and services all round the year
  • Light weight and trendy, these are easy to distribute
  • Custom fruit shaped magnets serve as a constant reminder of your logo and will be instantly appreciated by recipients of all genres.
  • These can be customized with designs and graphics

Personalized Awareness Apple Shape Magnet Full Color is a stupendous promotional giveaway for dental clinics, schools, kid’s stores, fruits shops and much more. This US made magnet is an ideal choice for mass events as the low prices of these items will ensure the marketers a long term promotion. This magnet that can be used for spreading information about health, nutrition and education will look good on fridge doors, kitchen counters or car dash boards as well. Every time people see these pretty and luscious fruit shaped magnets, your brand logo will enjoy a bold display.

One of our top sellers, Personalized 1.5 inch x 2 inch Strawberry Shaped Full Color Magnets will help you seal any business deal with a sweet note! Fruits go hand in hand with a well balanced diet plan and these custom strawberry shaped fruit will keep your customers well informed about healthy eating choices. Your recipients will love to keep their small shopping lists or reminders safely beneath these tight fit magnets and every time they check on these, your brand logo will get noticed! You can even imprint these custom magnets with a simple diet plan for the day, your brand logo or health slogans to make these more attractive.

The best part is that fruit shaped magnets are not just popular among food related businesses as most people love these fruit shaped magnets as it satiates their taste buds and make their refrigerators look more appealing!