Know How Custom Triangle Shaped Magnets Offer Three Dimensional Advantages For Promotions

Custom triangle shaped magnets that stand out for its overpowering shape makes a great promotional gift during tradeshows, events, conventions and the like. Customers will surely remember your brand message imprinted on these logo imprinted magnets for long. A perfect giveaway for mass events, triangle shaped magnets enjoy a cutting edge in promotional circuits thanks to its unique shape that makes it different from the conventional circle or rectangular magnets.

3x2.25 Triangle Shape Magnet

Promotional triangular shaped magnets will make welcome additions in any home or business space as people will love to stick these adorable custom magnets on refrigerator doors and other prominent metal surfaces at home. These customized magnets will help them remember your brand name, website address, telephone number, franchises, or hours of operation.

Long lasting and made from premium quality vinyl material, these custom magnets are lead free and safe even for kids. It can be used to promote any business lines like fashion stores, travel companies and sports leagues and these impart a dramatic appeal to your brand logo. You can even gift these as party favors for milestone celebrations, employee gifts or personal gifts to your loved ones that they will enjoy every time they open the fridge doors!

2.25x2.5 Triangle Shape Full Color Magnets

You will surely love this 2.25 x 2.5 triangle shape full color magnet that makes a value added promotional giveaway for tradeshows, direct mailer campaigns, or as a compliment with purchases. Imprint your logo, artwork or business message on these attractive magnets and every time your clients open their refrigerator door or the cabinet, your logo will grab their attention.
Custom triangle magnets last longer than a paper business card or notepad and ensure a long term brand exposure. Custom magnets will not just make your brand last in their memory but will also make your message stick around as long as these adorable magnets continue to grace their homes.

If you are looking for a generous imprint area for your brand logo and message, opt for this custom 3 x 2.25 Triangle Shape Magnet. Make your brand hog the limelight with these delightful triangle magnets without any substantial efforts or investment. This can be used to make special business announcements or to reinforce your brand logo. These make very powerful social awareness message sign board as well. Ideal for mass events like seasonal promotions and tradeshows, your recipients will surely love to retain these logo billboards that double up as keepsakes and stunning souvenirs for a life time. Bulk purchase from us carries attractive price savings, which in turn will make your brand promo a low cost affair.

By investing in these triangular shaped magnets, you are rest assured of leaving a deep impact on minds of customers and inspire them to be proactive brand ambassadors that will bring you a high ROI. These custom magnets are well cut for budget marketers who are hard pressed for time and funds as these will ensure a high visibility promo even if they don’t have a well planned marketing program or a heft advertisement fund.