How Custom Balloon Shaped Magnets can Make your Brand Soar High in Competition?

Custom magnets have evolved to be one of the most popular advertising tools on planet earth for their mass appeal and promotional prowess. Custom balloon shaped magnets are available in mind boggling shapes and colors that will give an impetus to your brand promo. One of the most frequently used and one of the most ordered custom magnets in our collection, balloon shaped magnets are here to stay for sure!

2.25 in x 3.12 in Balloon Shaped Full Color Magnets

Custom balloon shaped magnets are perfect to spread a word about air travel, travel packages and hospitality services. Imprint your logo, artwork or business message on these balloon shaped magnets and let your brand image soar high! Bulk purchase carries attractive discounts and you can also save on shipping anywhere within USA.

Personalized magnets also make delightful party favors and gifts for announcing milestones in life such as weddings, birthdays or anniversaries. After all, who wouldn’t want a pretty image or a cute slogan over their fridge? It beats postcards anyway! You can personalize your custom magnets in the way that suits your needs to make it a unique masterpiece!

Personalized 2.25 Inch x 3.12 Inch Balloon Shaped Full Color Magnets are good options to give your brand promo a thrust and to make it inch closer to your customers in a very appealing way. Promote your festive sales, invite your family for a celebration, reinforce your brand and more with these custom magnets. Personalized Hot-Air Balloon Shape Full Color Magnet (2.375×3.5) is another top selling model in our stores. These magnets shaped like hot air balloons are top hits as these will keep the onlookers amused with their curious and intriguing shapes. A perfect choice for promoting county fairs, carnivals or community festivals, hot air balloon rides and travel businesses, these custom magnets will sweep your customers off their feet in no time!

2.375x3.5 Hot Air Balloon Shape Full Color Magnet

Balloons make veritable attractions in any parties or celebrations and people will instantly relate to these as party pops. Personalized balloon refrigerator magnets not only promote your brand logo but also enjoy a high retention value as decorative items in homes. Popular among kids and adults alike, balloons usher in festival and celebrations like Christmas and New Year which make these custom magnets great options to announce festive sales or holiday sales offers.

Be it over a refrigerator door, filing cabinets or vending machines, these delightful balloon shaped magnets will surely grab the eyeballs of everyone. Custom magnets will make a handy place to stick all their little shopping lists, daily reminders or cookery recipes and every time they hit their freezers or refrigerators for a chilled drink or grub, your logo will catch their attention.

Custom balloon shaped magnets can be put on any metal surface such as vehicles, filing cabinets, mailboxes, fridges, freezers, mailboxes or more. Custom balloon shaped magnets are great giveaways for mass events like tradeshows and events as these will stand out and lure all genres of your customers with ease. People will surely love to retain these delightfully shaped and brilliantly colored promotional gifts for long and every time they take a closer look at these magnets, your brand name is getting one step closer to being their house hold name!

Custom balloon shaped magnets will suit all small budget marketers who strive to make their business message noticed with minimum efforts. If you are one of them, invest in these promotional magnets and make your brand promo boom!