See how Airplane Shaped Magnets will make even a low budget promotion high flying?

Custom airplane shaped magnets will put your brand promo in top flight. Shaped like sleek airplanes, these magnets can carry your brand and business message with élan. Perfect to promote a range of businesses like travel agencies, tour operators, airplane companies and the like, airplane shaped magnets will ensure a rip roaring success for your brand promo. People will love to take these stylish logo imprinted custom magnets to deck up their work space and homes. Be it the kitchen counters, refrigerators or car dash boards, these fashionable aircraft models will make your brand a hip among everyone!

1.25x3.37 Custom Shuttle-Shaped Magnets Full Color

From a stylish business card to an amusement token, airplane shaped custom magnets are designed to put your customers in awe! Advertisers can hand these out during tradeshows, store openings and conventions to introduce their business, reinforce their brand and many more. These lead free custom magnets are safe for even kids, which makes it a good option for school events. Bulk buys from our stores carry attractive discounts that will make your brand promotion a budget friendly affair.

Airplane custom Magnets that grab the attention of everyone is the best option to make your brand name popular. Custom 2.125 x 5.187 Airplane Shaped Full Color Magnets are good options to air lift your campaigns without much effort. You can give these out during festive season campaigns to buy attention of your customers in a unique way or mail it as a compliment to your special clients during holiday season sales.

Forget about the ordinary paper business cards and flyers that tend to get thrown out, misplaced or lost by your customers. If you want to ensure that your logo and business message remains with your customers at all times, not many options can match the charm of these custom magnets that will steal the hearts of your recipients by their drop dead gorgeous looks! Personalized 1.75×2.56 Airplane Shaped Full Color Magnets is a great promotion choice for aviation companies, hospitality marketers, destination marketers and many others. Startup companies who wish to leave a mark without overshooting their budget will find these magnets a cool option.

2.125x5.187 Airplane Shaped Full Color Magnets

These imprinted airplane refrigerator magnets are ideal as promotional gifts all round the year as the human fascination with flying objects never dies off! Ideal for the young and young at heart, aircraft magnets are not just promotional tokens but also beautiful refrigerator art or decorative tokens that your customers will retain all their lives. Every time they come across these adorable fridge magnets, your logo and business message goes up in a spin!

The best part is that your dream of taking your branding promo to sky level is only a few clicks away at our stores. Enjoy the benefits of full color imprinting, and price saving on bulk orders, shipping, artwork, and customization. Choose from a wide range of custom magnets in various sizes and shapes so that you can easily choose the one that fits your branding needs. So what are you waiting for ? Turn your customer’s cabinets and refrigerators into a magnetic billboard and see your brand enjoying an exposure 24 x 7!