Top reasons why you should use animal shaped magnets for business promotions

Custom animal shaped magnets are perfect promotional giveaways for tradeshows, store openings, awareness campaigns, conventions, events and much more! Offered in cute animal shapes including that of teddy bear, cow, butterfly, dog, turtle, horse, rabbit and much more, there is an animal shaped magnet for every business theme! Imprint your logo or business message in full color and promote your brand over refrigerator doors and metal surfaces across homes and offices all over USA! Apart from being eye catching business cards these personalized magnets double up as amusement tokens that any recipient will love to retain for a long time.

2.75x3.25 in Elephant Shaped Full Color Magnets

Animal shaped magnets are ideal to promote a range of business lines including pet care centers, zoos, animal welfare organizations, nature clubs and much more. People recognize these animal shaped magnets as something to do with animal welfare in no time and will support your brand or noble endeavor. Voice your support against the cruelty of animals and extend a helping hand to protect endangered animals as you promote your brand with these potent marketing tools.

Promotional 2.75×3.25 inch Elephant Shaped Full Color Magnets is one of the top selling models in our shelves. These elephant shaped magnets will make your brand promo a jumbo success. Cute and playful , elephants make lucky mascots for many events and companies and you can make use of these delightful custom magnets to promote your logo and to stomp down the competition in no time! Personalized 2.5 x 3.5 inch Rabbit Shaped Full Color Magnets is another cute option to consider for veterinary clinics or pet care centers. Customers will love to keep it for long thereby giving your brand logo the much desired exposure.

2.5x3.5 in Rabbit Shaped Full Color Magnets

Here are some of the reasons why you should use these animal shaped custom magnets for business promotions:

  • Low sticker price: Custom animal shaped magnets are mostly cost effective and work out much cheaper than conventional methods of advertising like print and electronic media advertisements or free gifts. Simply choose a design that match your product theme, imprint your logo or message and give these away to promote your business line.
  • Attention grabbing: Magnets turn heads instantly and are fun ways to reach out to your target customer group. By handing out these logo imprinted magnets, you can motivate the animals lovers in your customer community to use your products. These custom magnets can help you connect with the whole families of your customers as everyone loves animals.
  • Handy : Magnets are light weight and trendy that makes them easy to store and hand out. Hardly a few inches in size these can be stuck to work desk, cars or refrigerators of your customers or can even be used for mailer campaigns. Attractive and highly vocal, custom magnets scream out your business message wherever these are. It is impossible for anyone not to take a closer look at your brand logo imprinted on these adorable animal shaped magnets.
  • Adorable Memorabilia: Custom animal shaped magnets are great to celebrate milestones as well. If you have a company mascot, choose a custom magnet in that animal shape and hand it over to your customers during anniversary celebrations or special days like milestone. You can also distribute it among your employees as a great motivational tool that will encourage them to better their records.