A few tips on why Bell Shaped Magnets are well suited for promotions all round the year

Custom bell shaped magnets make perfect options to make a personal or awareness announcement, to cherish the festive season or to leave a business statement. The mere glimpses of a bell will conjure images of festivities and fun including Christmas, weddings, New Year and much more in the minds of the viewers. These adorable bell shaped magnets make excellent add–ons over metal kitchen cabinets, refrigerators, ovens, car dash boards and the like and will give your brand the much needed exposure every time.

3.25x4 Bell Shaped Full Color Magnets

Custom shaped magnets have always been a favorite giveaway among customers as their fun and innovative shapes will stand out among the dreary and customary advertising tools.

The wide imprint area of these personalized magnets will show off your message and logo in style. These can be used to promote gift stores, wedding planners, church groups and the like. No matter how you wish to make use of these, the bottom line reads that these bell shaped magnets will chime your brand message aloud! Imprint your number and logo and your customers or parishioners will find it useful to give you a ring.

Check out our 3.25 x 4 Bell Shaped Full Color Magnets that make perfect options to make announcements of freebies, discount sales and special offers and to make a few heads turn! Let this bell peal a successful brand promo as your customers will surely recollect your name when they think of something related to your niche.

2x2 Bell Shaped Full Color Magnets

2 x 2 Bell Shaped Full Color Magnets is another brilliant choice for advertisers who wish to grab the attention of their customers instantly. Be it special sales offer, discount sales or freebies, these magnets will ensure that the marketers have a long innings in their customer’s home. Safe even for kids, these superior quality and lead free magnets that are made in USA will ensure a long lasting brand promo and these double up as ornate keep sakes. Custom bell magnets ensure repeat exposure, which in turn makes it easy for people to always contact you when needed. Low unit cost and high exposure make these custom magnets a trusted choice for budget promotional campaigns. Just imagine the brand exposure you get with these pretty fridge Magnets that will scream out your brand message 7 days a week 365 days a year, for at least 5 years!

You can hand it out during tradeshows, store openings, festive sales and more. These light weight magnets can also be used for direct mailer campaigns. If you are thinking of giving away festive gift baskets during Christmas or New Year, you can include these pretty logo imprinted bell shaped magnets in your gift list as well!

Bells have always been symbols of celebration and freedom and these custom magnets that are shaped as bells can be given away for July 4th celebrations and other days of national importance. If you are an advertiser looking for sure fire advertisement tactics that will leave a lasting impression in the minds of your customers then do not look beyond these pretty magnets. Cut down on the advertisement cost and not on the visibility with these delightful giveaways that will readily ring a bell in the minds of your customers.

Television commercials and billboards will make you shell out a fortune but might not ensure good results as customers may turn away from these old promotional methods. Whereas custom bell shaped magnets will ensure the dual advantage of all the benefits of traditional advertising, coupled with lower costs and increased visibility. Promote your brand in a fun and innovative way with these curiously shaped custom magnets that will let your coffers ring!