Top tips on how to make your branding popular with Tree Shaped Magnets

Custom tree shaped magnets are perfect options to promote green organizations, nature clubs, awareness campaigns and much more. Imprint your logo and business message on these custom magnets to make these your business billboards. People will love to stick these beautiful tree shaped magnets on their refrigerators, cars or counters for their stylish looks. Every time they frequent these custom magnets, your brand logo will enjoy a proud display. Made from high quality materials, custom magnets last longer than many other forms of advertisements. We have a wide range of these custom magnets in various sizes and models for you to give a green initiative to your brand drive.

3.25x3.5 Tree Shaped Full Color Magnet

2.5 x 2.5 Tree Shaped Full Color Magnets Custom shaped magnets make great promotional gifts for earth day campaigns and nature conservation campaigns among others. Trees symbolize life and energy as without trees no life forms can thrive on earth. Trees give out oxygen to sustain all living forms of earth and these promotional magnets make great ideas to honor trees. Imprint your full color logo or business message on these magnets to create a lasting impact in the minds of your customers. Your business will surely be appreciated by your customers for being considerate towards nature. These custom magnets will help your business many critical issues like rainforest preservation, global warming or pollution.

These 100% USA made tree fridge magnets can be handed out during tradeshows, events, awareness campaigns and other mass events. Ideal for value building throughout the year, these custom magnets will always be thoughtful gifts to your customers.

2.5x2.5 Tree Shaped Full Color Magnets

3.25 x 3.5 Tree Shaped Full Color Magnets are great for holiday giveaways and as festive season gifts during Christmas or New Year. These palm shaped trees are one of the most sold items as not just promotional gifts but also as party favors and employee gifts. No matter whether you imprint your business message or logo or sketch out holiday messages or inspirational quotes, these tree shaped magnets will always be well treasured by your recipients. Long lasting and adorable, these trees will add up to the mood of their work place or home in no time.

Custom tree shaped magnets can be stuck on kitchen refrigerators or counters and every time your recipient goes into the kitchen to cook meals, wash or clean utensils, your brand logo will enjoy a panoramic display. No matter where these tree shaped magnets are located, you are rest assured that these ensure loads of brand exposure and goodwill.

Custom magnets are long lasting and retain their color and beauty for long, which makes it a perfect keepsake and souvenir as well. People find these custom magnets as handy holders for their little shopping lists or discount coupons and every time they check out on all these daily tasks, your brand logo will be displayed.

When your brand logo is seen so often your branding will get the much desired word of mouth publicity and a viral effect to your promotion. Every time a guest or a family member notices these stunning logo magnets crafted like trees on the fridge or table tops of your recipients, they will be keen to take a closer look at these master pieces and your logo will catch their instant attention in the process. Go green themes is catching up the interest of the whole world these days and to give your branding a thrust, why not use these tree shaped custom magnets?