Custom magnets (hot air balloon shapes) – How can you utilize them?

The advancement in magnetic printing has made it easier to create magnets in any shapes. They can be created out of imagination or they can be modeled around known shapes. Over the years many types of magnets have become popular and a hot air balloon shaped magnet is hailed as one of the favorites.

As hot air balloons are associated with our desire to fly high and it signifies high hopes and expectations. This magnet can be employed for various kinds of advertisements and personal uses. It can be utilized as –

  • Save the Date Magnet– A hot air balloon shape announcing the wedding or birthday or some other important event will definitely make an eye candy. Just imagine can you neglect a balloon shaped magnetic invitation, which has arrived in mail announcing “Ellan weds Jerry” on 24 July, 2012? No never this magnetic shape exudes warmth and fans your expectations of wonderful time ahead. This theme can be utilized for announcing kids birthday parties or other celebrations involving kids.
  • School Magnet – This is not a usual choice for school magnet, still the managements can rely on it for making some important announcement. Students get easily attracted to the thought of flying high in hot air balloons, and this shape will easily catch their attention. School magnet can be easily customized with brand information before handing them over to students.
  • Sports Promotion and Tourism Promotion– Hot air ballooning is one of the best known adventure sports and it also fuels tourism. So, travel operators or tourism officials can rely on the theme of hot air balloon shapes to attract the enthusiasts to the place and to try out the game. This magnet can be affixed in public places as posters or they can be handed over as a freebie gift with some purchases in the shops surrounding that area.
  • Restaurants – Most of the big chain restaurants, pizza brands, and hotels try to lure people by offering packages and discounts. This can be well conveyed through custom hot air balloon shaped magnet. They can be handed over as a thanks gift during dining and people who receive it as a gift will be definitely happy to come over for dining. Also, the hot air balloon magnets announcing “Mega discounts on Christmas Meals” or “15% Discount on Pizza purchases worth $150” will definitely seek customers attention. People will be tempted to look into such advertisements due to the alluring shape of these custom magnets accompanying information!
  • Kids Stores – Kids always like playing with balloons and it is one toy, which fuels our childhood fantasies. Kid’s stores can zero in on the balloon magnets to announce some offers and to attract kids and parents.

There can be thousands of uses of hot air ballooned magnets because they bear fantastic shape and can be incorporated in any kind of campaign.