Hit a Home Run with Your Promotions with the Help of Our Sports Shaped Magnets

Effective promotion nowadays is never free. It always comes with an invoice and a lot of people shy away from promotions because of the cost. At the same time, people always have this idea that they do not get any results. Not all know that promotion has long-term effects. Well, we have the product that is both cost-effective and creates a long term promotion for your business. We have our Sports Shaped Magnets that will hit a home run for your promotional campaign.

1.75x2.5 Custom Golf Ball & Tee Shaped Magnets 20 Mil3 Inch Custom Soccer Ball Shaped Magnets 20 Mil

Business owners sometimes have this idea that we do not need to promote their sports related business probably because they think that sports is already famous or the name alone already attracts enough attention. Based on the 2013 Scarborough research, there are about more than 105 million people who shopped at sporting goods store despite the growth in online sales. The reason why you really need to promote your business is to be able to stick out from the crowd and when people notice you, they will prefer to buy your goods rather than the competitors.

Get to know more of our sports shaped magnets. How it can be used during your promotional campaign.

  • Our sports shaped magnets caters mainly to businesses that are selling sporting goods or anything that is sports related.
  • Our custom magnets can also be used by schools to support their sports team or a professional sports team can invest in these magnets to hand out to their avid fans.
  • It can serve as a gift for token of appreciation at the same time will encourage people to support their local teams.
  • Boost the morale of your business.
  • If you are a local store you can invest in these custom magnets and have your business information imprinted on it at the same time have the local sports team name printed as well. Not only that you will be advertising your business but at the same time you are showing your support to your local sports team in the community.
  • When people see their favorite local sports team name imprinted on the custom magnet that you are handing out, you will surely get a year-round promotional campaign.2x4.5 Custom Racket Shaped Magnets 20 Mil

Our custom magnets have been proven as an effective promotional tool. Remember that a promotion will amplify your business and brand because it creates awareness. Therefore, when you promote your business you are more likely to be remembered than other companies who do not advertise or promote. Is it not also a great thing that aside from promoting your own business, you are able to help the local sports team to grow and prosper?

Get your customized magnets today and avail 10% on your first order. Just use the coupon code TWCMD10 and enter it at the checkout page. Aside from that, you can save on shipping, online design proof and art setup. Not that is a great deal and a good start.