Make Your Promotions Visually Striking Through Our Shirt Shaped Magnets

Do you know why marketing strategy with the right marketing tool is valuable? As a business owner, it is vital that people know about your business and your brand right? You could be the greatest company in the industry but if you fail to market your business you will not be able to reach more people and you will lose sales.That is why it is essential that you get your marketing strategy and tools right. Invest in the right tool to make your business stand out from the crowd. It is a wonderful thing that we have the right tool that you are looking for. Our Shirt Shaped Magnets will make you the talk of the town.2.875x3 Collared Shirt Shape-Full Color Magnet

There are so many marketing strategies that you can think of yet we highly recommend strategies that are simple but very effective.

  • We recommend that you use our custom magnets as a business card. Instead of the ordinary paper business card, have your brand logo and contact information imprinted on our custom magnet and hand it out. Business cards are essential to every business, right? It has been commonly used by businesses especially when business owners meet potential customers at an event.

Some reasons also why it is an ideal business card:

  1. It is lightweight
  2. It is also an affordable promotional tool
  3. It gives a longer promotional life because these custom magnets are made of quality materials in order to last long
  4. It is definitely memorable
  • You can offer it as a discount card. Instead of handing out the regular plastic or paper discount card, hand these custom magnets instead. Everybody appreciates and uses a discount card. According to a study, 96% of millennials use coupons.These loyal customers will then eventually become your promoters and help you get more customers in the process. How cool is that?

Everybody loves discounts and by handing these fun custom magnets it will:

  1. Persuade your existing customers to continue doing business with you
  2. Keep customers happy and they will eventually recommend it to their families and friends

We want to make sure that we have what you will be looking for that is why under our shirt shaped magnets that is why we came up with different designs and sizes. If you want to avail the least priced among others, we have our 2.37×2.75 Custom Printed Shirt Shaped Magnets. It can be available for as low as $0.10. We also have our 2.37×2.87 Custom Printed Shirt Shaped Magnets, 2.5×2.87 Custom Printed Shirt Shaped Magnets and 3×3 Personalized Shirt Shaped Magnets. These can be availed for as low as $0.12. For our magnets offered for as low as $0.15, we have three (3) of these. These are our 2.5×3.5 Custom Shirt Shaped Magnets, 2.875×3 Custom Collared Shirt Shape Magnets and 3×3 Custom Shirt Notekeeper Magnets. Lastly, we have our 3.75×3.16 Custom T-shirt Shaped Magnets which can be bought for as low as $0.19. If it is your first time to order, we would love to give you a 10% discount by applying our coupon code at the checkout page.

There is no other better time to start with your marketing campaign but now. There is no other better way to promote effectively but through our custom magnets. So make the right choice by investing in our shirt shaped magnets today.