Things You Did Not Know About Raising Awareness with Our Ribbon Shaped Magnets

Raising awareness covers a huge range of activities and it includes a wide range of awareness tools as well. When a group or organization raises awareness, its end goal is to get people, businesses and other going organizations to capture their attention and inspiring them to take action. Choosing the right tool will make a bigger impact on your campaigns.2.68x2.25 Custom Ribbon Shape Magnets - Outdoor & Car Magnets 30 Mil

Loud events or outdoor events can make a big splash and get publicity but will work only in some places and for some people while others prefer a quieter approach. We have a tool that is just right for your awareness campaign. Our Ribbon Shaped Magnets will reinvent the way groups or organization catches the attention of the community.

According to the American Journal of Public Health, the United States has almost 200 official “health awareness days” and those sponsored by organizations are not included on that list. If you want to push the awareness campaign forward, these custom magnets are the right tools to invest in.Raising awareness through social media is an easy way to reach a lot of people but It is does not strongly convince people that they should care about the issue and get involved in its advocacy.

These custom magnets will move the hearts of those who will receive it. Handing these custom magnets to each individual is the best way to convince them that they should get involved and care about something and we will tell you why.

  1. Unlike social media where people can just see it online and does not really gets attached to the cause, our custom magnets is more than just that. Handing them something that is tangible can make them feel like they are part of something.
  2. Having these custom magnets in their hands will make them feel that they have the power to make a change and can do something.Based on the researched information released by Neuroscience, the effectiveness of a campaign is those that engage people emotionally.
  3. Being able to hand out these custom magnets personally during your campaign will give you room to have a little conversation.Also, you can ask individuals of their ideas or opinions so that you would know what they are thinking or feeling. From there, you are able to make a connection and they will eventually decide to support your cause.

4. When you are giving people something that has your contact information or cause you are raising, people can easily remember you and they will be constantly reminded to support your campaign.

We have a few samples of our ribbon shaped magnets and these are the following:

So have your awareness raising campaign convince people through our ribbon shaped magnets. Convince them to do something by supporting or signing petitions.