How To Use Recycle Shaped Magnets To promote your brand and Environment Friendly Practices all at once ?

Custom recycle shaped magnets are perfect to spread awareness about the benefits of recycling and to highlight your social commitment along with your brand promotion. When the sustenance of the whole world has been found to be dependent on the magic mantra of reduce, reuse and recycle, the significance of recycling at present is higher than ever before!

3.06x2.63 Trash Recycling Bin Shape Full Color Magnets

These custom logo magnets will tell your customers the importance of using the recycle bins in preventing the planet earth from being a messy waste dump yard that cannot support life forms! Recycle bins keep the environment clean, preserve natural resources and prevent water and air pollution to a large extent.

Custom recycle refrigerator magnets can be used to promote various business lines including janitorial services, housekeeping services, hospitality businesses and other organizations that practice and promote eco-friendly customs! These will stand out of the surface making your logo and brand message prominently visible. Available in various sizes and prices it is easy for you to find a perfect inspirational green magnet that meets your branding themes and budget.

3.5 x 2 in. Recycle Shaped Full Color Magnets are good promotional giveaways for cleanliness drives, health campaigns and much more. Well suited for both indoor and outdoor promotions, these make budget promotional tools for government institutions and social organizations to make their cities squeaky clean. You can also distribute these during trade fairs and meetings as these sleek and low cost custom magnets are well suited for mass events.

2.68x3.5 in Recycle Shaped Full Color Magnets

Custom 3.06 x 2.63 Trash / Recycling Bin Shape Full Color Magnets are also popular models worth considering. These make effective promotional aids for cleaning supplies, toiletries and trash dumping contractors. Imprint your logo, artwork or business message on the generous imprint area of these bin shaped magnets and make sure that you chase the dirty competition with ease. These custom magnets will give your brand a clean image and your customers will never fail to see your social commitment. It can be employed both as a brand builder as well as an awareness generation magnet.

Budget friendly and highly effective, these custom magnets will make trusted choices of budget advertisers. Root for a clean city and homes with these custom magnets that can be used for awareness campaigns in schools and colleges as well. These will inculcate the habit of cleanliness among kids from a very early age. Available in various colors, these recycle bin shaped custom magnets will make your business message stand out clean and well heard.

Custom recycle magnets will readily trigger a feeling of familiarity among people who see it. Even kids can identity these familiar green recycle bin shapes as those associated with a clean city and home! These logo magnets can be given away as business cards or awareness tokens that will surely remain in the interests on the onlookers for a long time. Made from top quality and lead free magnetic materials, these custom magnets will last longer that many other conventional promotional giveaways like paper business cards or flyers. Make the most of our free art setup, free online design proof and free shipping offers to make your business promotion successful and budget friendly!