Make Your Brand More Appetizing With Custom Hamburger Shaped Magnets

From the pumpkin pies of Halloween season to the turkey dishes and sweet potato salads of Thanksgiving and the big fat Christmas dinner menu, the holiday season is all about parties and dinner events. So, can there be a better time to employ these burger shaped magnets to promote your fast food business?24x18 Custom Burger Magnetic Car Truck Auto Vehicle Signs Magnets - Outdoor & Car Magnets 30 Mil Round Corners

These unique food shaped magnets not just help your brand to stand out in the crowd but will also highlight your brand identity in style. Opening a new restaurant and running it successfully is easier said than done. With the economy in down turn, more people are skipping the idea of eating out and to get more diners into your restaurant, you may need something that is delightfully different from what they see everyday. Some smart advertising tactics and free gifts will all drive up the footfalls at your eating place. Check out this hamburger shaped magnet that will help you to get the message out and leave the diners drooling that too without breaking your promotional budget.2.125x2.625 Custom Food Bucket / Soda Can Shaped Indoor Magnets 30 Mil

Refrigerator magnets are also great options to show off your burger specialties and offers. Imprint a colorful image of burger on these along with your special deals and offers and every time your recipients see these on their fridge doors they will be reminded of the tasty delicacies that you offer. Oval magnet is another popular choice to showcase your menu. The generous imprint area will leave a dramatic scope for you to place your message and artwork.

Show off your menu
Demonstrate your signature meals and special deals for your customers to let them know what is in store on these hamburger-shaped magnets. You can also imprint your contact information and logo on these car magnets that will spread your menu and deals like wild fire! These customized 24×18 burger magnetic car, truck or auto vehicle signs are becoming very common sight over trucks or vans owned by restaurants, fast food joints, take –away food joints, pizzerias and cafes. These custom magnets are considered affordable and reliable due to its size and large imprint area that it offers. Every time your door delivery vehicles get driven around in city, these business messages will be put on wide display. Everyone around will be craning their necks to note down the name and the contact number imprinted on these scrumptious burger shaped magnets every time the vehicles stop at the traffic signal or at the parking lot.

Portable billboards
Anything imprinted on these colorful magnets will never fail to grab the attention of the users as these make portable billboards for your logo for a very long time. This magnet is designed to withstand the weather elements and will make a lasting promotional tool for marketers in the food industry.

These temporary signs are smart ways to switch advertising as these enable you to use them on different vehicles. Easy to put in and remove, these magnets will stick easily and will not damage the surface of the vehicles. These magnets can thus be easily removed when your vehicles enter any private areas that do not allow businesses to advertise on their premises. These car magnets also add dollops of charm and color to the car doors and make delightful car décor items as well.

Mailer gifts
Are you planning any special offers or holiday deals on hamburgers? Spread the message by sending these logo magnets to your regular customers. Every time they see these magnets on their car doors, they will be reminded of the appetizing deals on offer and will be tempted to drop in at your shop. Imprint all the essential information like free delivery services or website url for online booking and more on these magnets to make a ready reference items for the hard core burger fans in your list!

Hamburger shaped magnets will remind your customers about the delectable dining experience and satiety that they enjoyed at your shop and next time when they wish to have a quick grub, they will know where to go!

Cost effective and unique
While most types of traditional advertising involve serious investments, these magnets are easy on every wallet. The delightful shape and the glossy finish will make it a finger licking collectable for your diners as well. To make your advertisements grab the attention of the users it should be eye catching as only unique images will grab the attention span of the customers. These Hamburger shaped magnet will make a perfect choice for that.

Tradeshow handouts
In crowded events like tradeshows and food fests, marketers may need some show stopping gift items to grab the eyeballs of the floating crowd. So, make sure to hand out these fabulous burger shaped magnets as free gifts while they order for your finest wings, fries and sauces. This will not just build up a personal rapport but will help you make your brand part of their daily food habits and gain a high visibility advertising space on any metal surface inside the house of your happy and well fed customers. We bet, some of your customers may even want some of these gift items for their friends.

Browse our food shaped magnets and make sure that your guests make a bee line at your shop whenever they feel hungry.

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