Pink ribbon shaped magnets for cars 30 ml will give wheels to even a low key promotion

Pink ribbon car magnets are the best giveaways to show your support for breast cancer awareness. These can be handed out during Breast Cancer awareness fund raising events, walks, or dinner. The best part is that people easily recognize pink ribbons as symbols of breast cancer awareness and give attention and in the process, your business message and logo imprinted on these magnets will also gets noticed. These make perfect options to promote wellness campaigns, cancer centers, breast cancer awareness month, health marathons and much more.

2x4.12 Ribbon Shaped Full Color Magnets

The pink ribbon is an international symbol for breast cancer awareness and people in all countries around the world will instantly know what it means. Pink ribbon magnets can be used to promote any business line as companies that use this symbol each add up to their own flair. ribbon shaped magnets make an ideal giveaway for your women clients and employees.

It is hard to find anyone in America who doesn’t know someone who has had breast cancer as it is the second most popular form of cancer in the country next only to skin cancer. 2.68×2.25 Custom Ribbon Shape Magnets – Outdoor & Car Magnets 30 Mil is a good option to consider of you are looking for a cost effective promotional item for breast cancer awareness or fundraising events. The pretty pink color coupled with its smooth ribbon shaped design will make it an eye candy for any car bumper. UV coated and made from high quality magnetic materials stock, these printed magnets last long and when your car is in motion or at the car parking, the message on these magnets will never fail to get noticed! It makes a good business token or business gift in the breast cancer awareness month.

2.68x2.25 Ribbon Shape Full Color Outdoor Magnet

Promotional items like flyers, brochures and posters often fail to reach the intended customers and interest them as people are more likely to trash it or fail to take note of the information that is being carried in these. With promotional car magnets, you are assured of a moving billboard. Just stuck it on a visible part of your ride and you are all set to promote your business wherever you go! If you are stuck in a slow moving traffic snarl, your brand will get a higher promotion as the people at the rear will while away their idling time looking at the colorful pink ribbon imprinted magnets that will never fail to hook their attention, which means more exposure for your business.

Pink ribbons – be it on the lapels of celebrities, as jewelry, as magnets or more, show the staunch support for the cause of breast cancer awareness. Just like red ribbons are used in support of the fight against aids, pink ribbons have become the synonyms of breast cancer awareness programs and initiatives.

Early detection of breast cancer can save many precious lives and by handing out these ribbon magnets you can convey the message that you care for the health and well being of your customers and not just your business. A pink ribbon magnet might just remind another woman to get that mammogram that she has been putting off and that serves the cause!