Magnetic business cards for cars make moving billboards for your brand

Business cards are used to make contacts and to introduce your business line to new customers. If you think your paper business card is faltering in ensuring a constant business promotion, place your bets on these business card magnets. These logo imprinted business cards not just stick firmly to your car bumpers but will also remain in the minds of your customers.

2x3.5 Restaurant Business Cards Magnets Round Corner

Logo imprinted promotional magnets make powerful promotional tools that feature the contact details, tagline and logo. Car magnets and business card magnets are found to be the most effective among promotional magnets. 2×3.5 Custom Business Card Magnets – Outdoor & Car Magnets 30 Mil Round Corners is a good option to consider. Though it might not grab the attention of the users from a long distance, these magnetic business cards can still buy you some quick glances. It is an ideal option to reach out across mass customer segment as these UV coated material magnets will retain their charm and color for a long period and will continue to ensure brand exposure every time the car is driven around.

Imprint these promotional magnets with logo, artwork or business message and people will surely take a closer look at these, every time they see these. Car magnets are well suited to promote a range of different businesses including hotels, pet care clinics, spas, hotels and much more. Advertisers can make use of the imprint area to convey the business message in big bold letters that can be seen even as your car is moving. Choose magnets that are colored in contrast colors so that these stand out against your car background.

2x3.5 Bakery Business Card Magnets Square Corner

Magnetic Business cards are cost effective and long lasting and the customers will never fail to access your details whenever they need, unlike paper cards. Magnet business cards can be stuck against refrigerator doors and filing cabinets so that your clients will never misplace these or trash it. With the right design, this tiny magnet business card will go a long way in boosting your business. Refrigerator magnets are never taken off and these will be seen, each and every time the recipients open the fridge ensuring a consistent brand exposure. However, make sure to come up with an interesting design as your business card magnet will be clamoring for attention among the many other refrigerator door magnets that are displayed on the refrigerator door. Bright and flashy colors, attractive text message and artwork can all work that extra bit to remain well noticed!

Ideally a business card magnet should have only the most important details as too much information can make these look cluttered and your clients will find it difficult to access the information they may need. We offer attractive cash savings and discounts on bulk purchase and advertisers working on a small promotional budget will find these offers truly irresistible. Promotional magnets are low in cost and high in visibility and will ensure your brand promotion 24 x 7 and that makes another valid reason for you to consider employing these magnet business cards for your ensuing promotions and tradeshows! For the latest business card designs visit