Unique bottle shaped magnets keeps your business promotion last years

Bottle shaped magnets can add expression to your business communication

“Bottles, bottles and bottles, our life simply seem incomplete without them. What if you can use them for promotion?”– Asked the entrepreneur to the group of people, assembled to participate in the seminar on new age promotional materials in the market. It took a while for everyone to understand that he was referring to bottle shaped magnets. He thanked the magnet manufacturers for helping him out in a big way. Here are excerpts from his talk-

“You can use unique bottle shaped magnets and keep your business promotion last for months or years.” Now, some of you might ask, which ones to opt for then I would say –

If you are a medically inclined person …… then go for a Medicine bottle shaped magnet

Funny medicine bottle shaped magnets ideal for medical representatives, clinics, doctors and etc. These bottle magnets come in typical cylinder medicine bottle shapes with space to add contact details and business name. The funny shape can catch peoples’ minds easily and your creative designs and artworks can definitely keep your business name in customer minds.

If you are an expectant mother…. then go for a Baby bottle shaped magnets
These cute magnets are the great giveaways for baby occasions such as expecting mother, 1st birthday and so on. Also good for promoting kindergartens, baby foods, textiles stores and so on. Business men dealing with baby products can also utilize these custom magnets after adding their business information on them.

If you are a funky teenager … then it’s better to stick to Bottle opener magnets

Not only a funky teenager, but this magnetic shape also enamors business men of all niches. (Albeit I doubt this was an overstatement, but later dissolved my doubts in a sip of wine and got convinced that the businessman was not bluffing).  The businessman added that these bottle shaped magnets, now available in shapes of bottle openers can be used for exposing brand information. Everyone can think of customizing these bottle opener magnets with suitable business information.

If you a common man in awe of key chains ……. Then it’s better to opt for a Key chain magnet

Fun with bottle shaped magnets do not end here; and there are more options in art designs with key chain magnets. One can design these key chains in convenient sizes, colors and can add images or messages to match up with business and business promotional themes.

Indeed, I agree with the businessman on the point that there are many more custom bottle shaped magnets, which will help you to ensure that people notice your advertisement and business and also distinguish your trade name from others.

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