Promotional Dental & Orthodontist Magnets that never fail to act

True to the adage, “a good smile warms hearts and opens doors”, a pleasant smile leave the very best first impression in the minds of others. Yet many people are embarrassed to smile due to bad or missing teeth. It will not just reduce one’s confidence but may even keep them withdrawn and unhappy. A recent poll showed that people always remain keen to check out on the latest orthodontist procedures that will ensure them a beautiful smile.

3.5x4 inch Dental Appointment Cards squarecorner

Smile correction centers and dentists offices get a steady stream of customers who want a perfect smile. However, to stay ahead of the race, dentists will have to come up with innovative promotional tips to grab the attention of these customers. Dental and Orthodontist Magnets will surely make your logo name something they remember forever. Logo Imprinted magnets are cost effective, long lasting and above all ensure you a regular brand exposure. The single color print options will make your logo stand out and every time your customers see these magnets over their refrigerator doors, they will readily be reminded of your services and dental office. The budget conscious promoters can also order in bulk to avail massive cash savings.

Custom dental and orthodontist magnets make ideal handouts for tradeshows, Dental health month, awareness campaigns and health marathons among others. People often choose dental clinics based on word of mouth publicity and referrals and typically stick to the service if they are satisfied. These custom magnets can also be employed as discount coupons or referral incentives to your existing happy customers and they will always be keen to refer their friends and family to your clinic and earn the bonus points.

If you are looking for a high visibility business promotion on a budget, here are a few custom magnets that you cannot afford to miss out.

4x7 inch Dental Fridge Round Corner Magnets

Dental Appointment Card Magnets

Dental appointment card magnets make an indispensible item in the promotional arsenal of any dentist or medical offices. These will remind their clients about next appointments and keep your logo visible regularly. These magnetic appointment cards are usually retained over all types of ferrous surfaces and your customers will never miss their dental check up dates when these friendly reminders gaze them down from their refrigerator doors!
3.5×4 Personalized Dental Appointment Card Magnets 20 Mil Square Corners is a good option to consider in this category. It serves as an efficient contact point between the dentists and the patients. Stylish and trendy, these custom magnet cards can be imprinted with logo, business message, timings and other relevant details that your patients may find useful.

Custom dental fridge magnets

Dental fridge magnets are perfect options to advertise dental services and supplies. These round corner dental fridge magnets with no sharp edges make safe handouts for dental hygiene week, wellness campaigns and much more. You can imprint your messages, logo, artwork or even a tricky brain teaser or a riddle on dental care to grab the attention of your young and curious customers! So, what are you waiting for? Shop for these dental fridge cards and spread the word about your services in no time!

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