Chuck Out The Teething Troubles In Promoting Your Dental Services With Customized Dental Magnets

The US is one of the largest markets for cosmetic and elective dentistry, where the per capita supply of dentists adjusted for work hours and patient visits, is projected to increase through 2035. To beat the high level of competition in the market, dentistry services often indulge in innovative marketing techniques including free gifts, mailer campaigns and discount offers among others. Dental magnets make a smart choice to get your message out in a precise and easy manner without having to resort to tons of texts. These shaped magnets are not just simple marketing tools but will make an interesting souvenir for your customers.


Shapes are highly effective in marketing because these leave the best first impression. Studies show that human brain processes images faster than texts and hence images get registered in the minds of customers easily. Another advantage of using these shaped magnets is that it will convey the message to all demographics, age and gender groups who don’t necessarily speak or understand your language!

For promotions
Dental magnets will make excellent handouts during dental health camps, conferences and other events as people will never fail to take note of these exceptionally shaped magnets. Your recipients will know where to find your contact details whenever they have any dental issue to tackle with. These will also make excellent reminders for routine check-up. Dentists can announce special deals, dental hygiene tips and more on these to enhance the popularity of these promotional magnets.

For awareness events
Dental magnets make perfect handouts during awareness events like Dental hygiene month that is observed to increase public awareness about the importance of maintaining good oral health. Imprint your message and logo on these dental magnets that can be used as loyalty gift to existing customers, promotional items for new patients or as reminders for dental checkups to your customers. No matter how you choose to use these quirky promotional items, the fact is that these will never fail to impress the customers.

Different types of dental magnets
Dental magnets are available in a range of models and patterns to suit your unique promotional needs.

Dental fridge magnets: Shred off the competition with these tooth shaped magnets that will never fail to grab the attention of whoever sees it. These logo magnets will make a permanent fixture on the fridge doors of your recipients. Customize these with your logo and message or use it to announce special deals, events and more.

2.5x2.75 Custom Tooth Shape Dental Fridge Magnets 20 Mil

Dental Business Card Magnets: Put your brand ahead by investing in these custom dental business card magnets. It is a perfect choice for orthodontists, dentists, dental supplies, dental clinics and others trying to build reliability around their business. Cost effective and long lasting, these business card magnets will easily keep your contact details right in front of your customers for a long time.

2x3.5 Custom Dental Business Card Magnets 20 Mil Round Corners

Football Schedule Dental Care Magnets: Promote dental hygiene and your businesses through football fun with these the exciting dental care magnets. These wallet magnets make great choices for promoting dental services in the football season. These magnets will help you reach out to a bigger customer base through the popular medium of sports and your customers are going to like you more for this.

3.5x2.25 Custom One Team Pittsburgh Team Football Schedule Dental Care Magnets 20 Mil

Dental Appointment Card Magnets: Your patients won’t forget to turn up for their appointments anymore, thanks to these dental magnets that double up as appointment cards!

3.5x4 Personalized Dental Appointment Card Magnets 20 Mil Square Corners

Dental Magnetic Memo Boards Magnets These custom magnetic memo boards not only make wonderful brand tokens, but also good refrigerator art pieces. Keep your customers well engaged with your brand through a light hearted dialogue with these logo items. Every time they use these memo boards to scribble, doodle or write reminders, your brand recall among your recipients go up manifold.

3.5x4 Custom Dental Magnetic Memo Boards Magnets 20 Mil Square Corners

The best part is that these custom magnets are affordable for even small budget marketers as anything imprinted on these will never fail to grab the attention of their audience. Browse our collection to choose from these exceptional dental magnets that will never stop talking about your brand and message. Keep smiling!