Last Call For Buying Custom Political Magnets

With just a fortnight remaining for the elections, political observers predict an exciting and nail biting finish during the US presidential elections. The campaign managers and the supporters have all been striving to make their campaigns look professional. Both the democrats and the republicans have been using their political party colors of blue and red to make their staff and volunteers stand out at events and to make the donors feel well appreciated. Though a long list of election campaign items have been doing the rounds, political magnets have so far been one of the most popular among the political campaigners. Guess why?

3.5x2 Custom Political Business Card Magnets 20 Mil Round Corners

Custom political campaign items like car magnets, refrigerator magnets and post card magnets have scored high all through the 2016 political campaign. Let us take a closer look on how effective these logo items have been so far.

Car magnets
An average American spends about 40 hours in traffic per year! Political car magnets are a great way for your supporters to exploit this rather uncomfortable situation to spread your message to everyone on the road. Car magnets personalized with your election symbol and message can be placed on the fleet of election campaign vehicles to enhance the visibility of your campaign.

Car magnets make a wonderful handout during election rallies and street corner meetings as voters will love to show their support with these attractive custom magnets that can easily be taken off without damaging the surface of the car. At Custom magnets we have an impressive range of car magnets to choose from. Customize these to match your unique needs, choose your political party colors and you are all set to rock your campaign.

Refrigerator magnets
Appease your die hard supporters with these refrigerator magnets that will put your election message and symbol right in front of your supporters for a very long time. The best part is that these logo magnets will remain as election memorabilia of their favorite candidate even after the elections.

Election Business card Magnets
Keep the name and of your political candidate in the hands of your customers with these election business card items. Available in convenient 2×3.5 and 3.5×2 sizes, these are smart options to get your political candidate a high level of visibility.

Post card magnets
Who doesn’t like to get a mail in their red mail boxes at the gate even today at this age of online greetings and virtual gift shops? These logo items that bring alive the nostalgic memories of the past will surely go a long way in cutting the ice with the voters.

We at custommagnets have a range of election campaign magnets on offer. Unlike most election debates on telly that the general public forgets once the program is off the air, these custom magnets will keep the message fresh in the mind of the recipients and influence their voting decisions. These magnets are thus very strong marketing tools to influence the undecided voters who adopt a wait and watch policy. So, make the most of the last few high pitch campaign days with these logo magnets. Hurry, people are almost at the voting booths!

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