A few election car magnets that will give you an upper hand during campaign

Election time is all about frenzied speeches, rallies and high decibel campaigns in a bid to outsmart the other candidates in the fray! So if you are looking for an innovative promotional giveaway that will surely pack a punch and purpose to your campaign, check out these custom election car magnets.

24x12 Square Corner inch Election Car Full Color Magnets

Imprint with your logo and slogan and give out these top quality car magnets that voters will surely love to put it on their car bumpers, on their filing cabinets, refrigerator doors or in fact any metallic surface to take the election mood into places!

These outdoor magnets help campaigners to tap vast voter segments in short time. There are not many other promotional choices that can match the satisfaction and credibility of these campaign car magnets. Low cost and pleasing to the eyes, these magnets will create a buzz in no time.

Here are some of our top selling custom election magnets that will give you a clear cut advantage to your campaign trail.

24×12 Square Corner inch Election Car Full Color Magnets are one of the hotly favored models among election magnets for their attractive shape. The generous imprint area will also ensure ample space for positioning your logo, slogan and image with ease. This magnetic sticker will look great when affixed on to the car surface and no wonder, these are often retained by voters as keepsakes or refrigerator art even after the campaign gets over! Grab a few eyeballs of your supporters by giving away these low cost car magnets at rallies and events and see the sea change that it makes to the tempo of your election campaign!

Custom 24×18 Election Car Bumper Truck Signs Round Corners 30 mil will grab the attention of maximum voters in the shortest possible time thanks to its attractive designs and smooth round corners that keep these magnets affixed on the car bumpers. Imprint with the campaigner’s symbol, image, election slogan and others details in full color printing and the massive sized magnets will surely stand out. Along with best buy prices, campaigners can avail several other benefits such as free art setup, free online design proof and free artwork by ordering these magnets from us.

12×12 Round Corners Election Car 30Mil Full Color Magnet As they say good things come in small sizes and these magnets will prove this axiom right yet again! This magnetic sticker on car may appear small for a mass perception but it will definitely attract a voter’s attention. Campaigners can buy in bulk and distribute it amongst their followers to make their election symbol familiar.

12x12 Round Corners Election Car Signs 30Mil Full Color Magnet

Custom 24×12 Election Car Bumper Truck Signs Round Corners 30 mil will help you to connect with the target voter base with little effort. Say everything you need to as these magnets have a massive imprint area to park all the relevant information. Custom election magnets have been around for a few years and people have already endorsed these promotional giveaways as trendy and stylish. All our outdoor magnets are UV safe, which ensures its good performance during bad weather days so that your campaign will be on the right track from the very first day and will never be grounded due to hostile elements!

The right campaigning techniques can make the decisive call in any election campaign. Make the right moves and stay ahead with these custom magnets that will work tirelessly as your poll promotion agent all through!