How  Custom  Political Magnets Can Help Your Election Campaign

An effective political campaign will give you an early advantage in the political race for the office. An effective campaign takes time, effort and above all innovation. If you are bored of the customary brochures, billboards and flyers, check out these brilliantly colored, high visibility custom political magnets. See how political magnets can help you surge ahead in the polls and push your opponents into oblivion.

Here are some creative ways of distributing these magnets to your prospective voters

Custom car magnets

As the countdown for the election is already on, communities and individuals across the nation are rallying their support for the candidates they want to see in office. From power packed slogans to radio spots and TV ads, political campaigns often require advertising that stands out to effectively spread the word and build awareness.

This is what makes custom car magnets a great choice. These full color custom magnets will ensure you that extra push to get your candidate’s name in front of more people.

Political car magnetic signs that are customized with your brand and message will make great mailer items for those who have signed up. Customize these with your message, artwork and contact details along with some creative ideas or artwork. These cute magnets will make their way to the refrigerator doors of your recipients, to make strong reminders of your candidature. Even after the election, these magnets will remain as political souvenirs for your recipients, which in turn will draw them closer to your party.

 Political Magnetic Car Signs Magnets - Outdoor & Car Magnets 30 Mil Round Corners

Calendar magnets

Calendar magnets make another interesting addition to your campaign publicity items. While your recipients have a handy calendar for the whole your candidature will get daily promotion. The best part is that campaigners can even hand it over a year ahead and to be in the game fairly early.

Political calendar magnets garner consistent impressions, which in turn may turn into votes for your party on the polling day. You can reinforce your goodwill and highlight your political agenda in  a subtle and non intrusive way by getting it imprinted on these full color magnets.

3.5x4 Custom Square Corner Political Calendar Magnets 20 Mil

 Election business card magnets

 Make your first hand shake with the voters extra special and warm by handing out custom election business card magnets that will keep your contact information right in front of your audience.  In addition to the  name of the candidate,  you can add the campaign office’s contact information or the website where the voters can get more information about the candidate.

Political Business Card Magnets 20 Mil Square Corners

Business card magnets will set you aside during networking events for using something different than the traditional paper cards . It will literally stick your campaign message on top of the minds of your audience.

We have a lot more. Browse our complete line of custom political magnets and choose a model that matches your needs.

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