Magnetize Your Menu  To Bring In The Gourmets

Running a restaurant comes with a fair share of challenges and excitement. It will give you the freedom to   bring in new recipes and new menu cards to impress the gourmets and make your restaurant the top in the town.

While you might be changing your menu regularly, your menu card remains the same as it was many years ago! It is indeed food for thought for all the restaurateurs who wish to infuse an element of freshness into their promotions and marketing.

Does your restaurant flood neighborhood foyers with tons of delivery menus and brochures? Some people may pick it up but mostly these flyers may get trampled upon all day long by the busy pedestrians who are so preoccupied to take a glance on what it has to offer.

Printed Magnets 20 Mil Round Corners

There should be a tasteful way to market your business that is so popular for its lip smacking cuisine. How appetizing is it for your menu to bear the footwear imprints of people walking around  or your signature dish details getting tossed away by the gust or  ran over by the speeding cars?

Your menu truly deserves a better display and publicity! That is what makes these full color custom menu magnets the best choice for you. Make your menu stick to the magnetic surfaces of your customers home and offices and get your message on top of their minds with these high visibility magnets

Wondering what took you so long to consider these attractive magnets as your promotional materials? You are not alone; you can still make up for the lost time by making these smart magnets your menu card.

Get started with these popular models

Coupon Cards and Menus Magnets 20 Mil Square Corners: Get these refrigerator magnets imprinted with your menu, special deals, coupons and more and see how these magnets make a tempting reason for your recipients to order your special menu right away! Include a lively image of your signature dish as well to make it all the more appetizing for the food lovers

Coupon Cards and Menus Magnets 20 Mil Square Corners

Business card magnets : Planning to attend a food fest , a tradeshow or some networking events in the coming days? Make sure to hand out these   sleek and colorful magnets, which your recipients will love to flaunt over their fridge doors. They know where to find your details every time they crave for a grub. These full color magnets enjoy incredible visibility and even become a great talking topic among your audience.

Printed Restaurant Business Card Magnets 20 Mil Square Corners

 Fish shaped magnet:  Does your restaurant takes credit to the best sea food in town? You need nothing but these delightful fish shaped magnets that will make the most recognizable symbol for your sea food menu without you having to talk about it!

 Fish Shaped Seafood Restaurant Magnets 20 Mil

 We have a lot more! Make sure to explore it before making up your mind. Or better still, reach out to our product experts for more tips and assistance.

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