Promote Preparedness and Raise Awareness Through Our Emergency Services Magnets

Today, there are a lot of organizations or individuals who are involved in promoting preparedness and raising awareness to all the people in their community. Telling people how to prepare will not always be enough to motivate them to take action especially during actual emergencies. You need to have a constant reminder to let people know the right and proper things to do during emergencies. It is normal at times when we face emergencies we would panic and not know what to do anymore, right? That is why we at, with our Emergency Services Magnets will help your organization or cause assist you on raising awareness to everyone in the community.4.5x3.93 Custom Dial 911 Big Phone Shape Magnets 20 Mil

So how does a simple customizable magnet make a huge impact in the community? It is actually very simple.

  • These custom magnets have enough space to imprint important contact numbers or addresses that are needed during emergencies.
  • The designs and styles chosen in these custom magnets are visually appealing. It has been proven that visual images captures greater attention than anything else. Based on a study, 67% of the targeted audience’s attention is captured due to detailed images and visual elements.

We offer a variety of custom magnets under the category of emergency services magnets.

  • We have our Dial 911 Magnets specifically made for 911 emergencies. People will always have the tendency to panic and lose concentration. These custom magnets will help remind individuals the proper thing to do during emergencies. With a big 911 number on a uniquely shaped magnet will surely grab the attention and focus of the individual.
  • Our Ambulance Magnets are specially made to imprint information of offices or services that offer ambulance services.
  • If you are an organization that focuses on raising awareness to the community about available police offices or stations then our Custom Police Magnets are the right magnets to invest in. It is specifically made to promote police stations with contact numbers and addresses.
  • Lastly, we have our Fire Department Magnets. These custom magnets are similar to our custom police magnets but instead of having the police station’s contact numbers, you can have the community’s fire department’s contact information instead. These can be ideally handed out during fire prevention months so that every household in the community will have one of these and will definitely have the right contact information during emergencies such as fire.

We want to help you or your organization raise awareness and promote preparedness effectively through our custom magnets.

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