Promoting Emergency Services can be Fun with Emergency Services Magnets

It has been a universal conception that promoting emergency services are pretty easy, and all that needs to be done is to pit large size posters carrying emergency service numbers over city walls. In this era where brands compete with each other to barge into the living rooms, it becomes very important for advertisers to deploy emergency services information in a creative, interesting and indulging manner. Advertisers who wish to grab easy attention by offering emergency information to customers can truly rely on emergency services magnets to get their work done.

Emergency Services Magnets

Here are some of the popular emergency services magnets that can be best utilized to build brand potential and promote awareness amongst citizens –

  • Police Magnets and 911 magnets– we are familiar with universal emergency number “911”, which stands for police, fire force and emergency. Advertisers can choose to get the magnets imprinted with some social messages and regional service numbers of the police. Advertisers can either go for regular business card shaped custom police magnets or something as unique as police car magnets to familiarize police contact numbers. These magnets can be handed over by police officials or other supporting organizations to improve their reliability amongst masses.
  • Emergency magnets –    If advertisers such as fire services or paramedics wish to boost their indulgence with public, then they can rely on the clan of emergency services magnets such as dial 911 magnets for the same. These custom magnets make a great giveaway during the social events such as parades, festivals, art exhibitions, etc. Most of the people will perceive as an act of friendliness and elegance and find ways to retain it over refrigerator doors or other places of interest.
  • Healthcare Magnets – Advertisers who are working in healthcare sector can rely on these magnets for promoting healthcare help lines. Typical ambulance square cornered or round cornered magnets and ambulance magnets can easily do the trick. Advertisers can choose to hand over them during healthcare awareness campaigns or medical camps, etc.
  • Fire Department Magnets – Advertisers who are trying to sell fire alarms or their emergency phone lines can always rely on fire engine shaped, plain square or round edged fire department magnets for the purpose. They also make a great promotional token for fire departments and other related services who wish to reach out for people who need help during fire rescue etc.

The best thing about the above mentioned emergency services magnets have global appeal and they can be utilized by advertisers or individuals to create awareness amongst masses and to educate them about their rights in times of despair.

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