3 Steps To Increase Sales With Promotional Magnets

A well planned promotional strategy will bring in new leads , take your call to action messages far and wide and make your brand popular. Here is a quick run-down of the steps involved in an ideal marketing campaign – right from concept to conclusion.

#1. Define the budget

For the budget you spend, you should get double the return on investment. Choose low budget yet popular handouts like custom magnets in case you are not sure about the outcome of the promotional drive.

#2.The Target Audience

Promotional products should be useful and interesting to the target audience. Consider the demographics, hobbies and life style of your audience to come up with the best custom gifts. If you have a diverse audience, settle for popular handouts like magnets. It will never fail.

#3 The Message

What do you want to convey? Highlight the specific benefits for the target audience to get their easy attention. Keep your message conspicuous and easy to read. Too much information might turn off the audience. Use spicy taglines and short and crisp messages.

Why magnets appeal to just about every audience:

Magnets are functional, versatile, and easy to find when needed. Refrigerator magnets continue to be one of the most proven marketing tools. While your recipients get an attractive fridge décor item and a hold up for their shopping lists and reminders, your brand will make consistent impressions.

 As tradeshow swag

Magnets are small, portable  and  above all budget friendly. When your attendees get back from tradeshows, they slap it on a filing cabinet and every time they see these magnets they will be reminded of your brand. Next time when you need services of products like yours, they will immediately take a closer look at the magnets.

Connecting clients with opportunity

Puzzle magnets will make a fun way to unveil your message as they put the pieces together. This interactive exercise will reinforce your brand visibility.

3.5x2 Custom 3-Piece Puzzle Shape Announcement Magnets

Shaped magnets are also great handouts to pique interest in your products. For instance, if you have  a pizzeria you can choose pizza shaped magnets that is imprinted with your contact number and coupon code. Send it by direct mail and they will be excited to use up the discounts and check on your stores.  Your recipients may even share this interesting experience in the social circles or with their friends and your brand popularity gets a spin.

Shield Shaped Magnets 20 Mil

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