3 X 10 Outdoor Magnetic Signs- Advertise Your Message on the Go

If you are looking for a cheap and best form of outdoor advertising, look no further than 3 x 10 outdoor magnetic signs. Customize these with your company name, phone number and contact details on your vehicle for people to see. These full color magnetic signs will make a portable billboard for your brand and a great way to reach out to your audience.

3x10 Magnetic Signs - Custom Outdoor & Car Magnets 30 Mil Square Corners

Magnetic signs are great options to promote brand or bring awareness to your business. Just imagine the exposure that your brand will get every time your customers will drive to and from work daily. Every day thousands of drivers drive around the city and these brightly colored outdoor magnetic stickers will grab easy attention whether they are checking traffic or waiting at the light. These stickers will tempt anyone on the road to take a closer look at your business services. They will surely save your contact details and when they need services that your business offers they will call you for sure. Brand recognition will go a long way in making new customers and these car stickers are the most cost effective way to enhance your customer list.

Still on fence? Here are the top 3 great reasons why you should use custom outdoor magnetic signs to advertise.

Low cost advantage: Advertising a business can be a costly affair and traditional advertisement options like newspapers and magazines are exorbitant, which makes it beyond the reach of budget marketers. Though these forms of advertising are costly they often do not achieve the results that you might be expecting because of their low shelf life. However, outdoor magnetic stickers are highly visible and budget friendly. Apart from reaching a larger audience, they get a bigger response as well.

Long lasting: Magnetic signs are designed to last for a long time and these can be reused on all the company vehicles or handout to friends and family to make your marketing message go viral.

Easy to apply: Outdoor car signs are easy to apply and takeout, which makes it a convenient way to get across your message and plan a target promotion depending on demographics

Car magnetic signs will make fantastic elements in outdoor promotions. The best part is that these low cost promotional items will advertise your business every second you are on the road. Not many advertisements can do that and that is exactly what makes custom window stickers a great choice to consider.