4 x6 custom magnets – use it the way you wish!

Probably one of the most versatile and popular sizes in custom magnets could easily be 4” x 6” magnets . Use it as business cards, photo magnets, greeting magnets or announcement magnets – no matter how you wish to go about it, these full color magnets will get a lot of attention among your prospects.

These magnets are of right size for all types of business promotions and will look good on refrigerator doors or filing cabinets. Affordable and imposing, these magnets will make a high visibility billboard that can highlight any information imprinted against them in the best possible way.

 It is one of the most popular choices for magnet advertising because of the large imprint space that offers ample freedom for marketers to try out and explore new branding concepts. These are especially well suitable for re-branding and brand refreshing.

Here are some interesting ways  in which these magnets can be used

Save the Date Magnets

Be it your wedding, grand opening or business event, these magnets will turn into impressive save the date invitations. Customize these with your date, venue or artwork to announce your big day and ensure full attendance of your guests. These attractive save the date magnets are impossible to resist and these often end up as souvenirs for your audience after the event.

4x6 Custom Holiday Save the date Magnets

Business Flyers

Toying with the idea of turning your paper flyer into a winning marketing text? These custom magnets will make a great choice to consider. With enough space for you to place your brand logo, service information or product images, these magnets will make great promotional items for all types of businesses including pizzerias, computer shops and more. These can be used effectively during fund raising events and awareness campaigns as well. Get maximum attention with minimum efforts with these crowd-pleasers.

Aids Awareness Day Magnets 20 Mil Round Corners

As calendars

Now that we are in the last leg of the year,  most marketers are striving to get the most innovative calendars for their prospects 4 x 6 calendar magnets will give your recipients a sound reason to look up to your brand many times a day. While your recipients get a highly practical daily use item for their home or office, your brand will get a wide angle display all round the year.

4x6 Custom Arts Calendar Magnets 20 Mil Square Corners

Magnetic Postcards: Wish to go back to the old world of snail mails and postcards? Turn these magnets into postcard magnets that carry your greetings, deals or updates. Your recipients will be surprised to get these attractive full color magnets delivered in their mail boxes at the gate. These full color magnets will make an admirable piece of fridge art and a handy way to hold up the little reminders and shopping lists  for your recipients.
Printed Christmas Church Magnets 20 Mil

Need more tips? Let your creative juices flow and when you have these versatile magnets on hand, nothing can stop you!