5 Top Tips to Include Custom Magnets in Your Promotional Mix

Custom magnets make a trendy way to grab attention of your targeted customers, spread your social message or to raise funds for your events. Cost effective and incredibly popular, magnets make a high speed promotional item that not many people can overlook. Light weight and compact, magnets are easy to store and distribute. Anyone who uses your magnet in his office or at home will see your company’s name and logo every day and remember it.

3.875x7.25 Custom Baseball Shape Sport Schedules Magnets 20 Mil

Magnets can be incorporated into your marketing mix in countless ways.

1.As direct mailer items:

Even in this robotic age where digital marketing yields considerable power, direct mailers enjoy an overwhelming fanbase and popularity. Direct mailers achieve a 4.4% response rate, compared to 0.12% for email, which makes it a better choice to get your message out into the audience. Reports show that adding custom gifts like magnets will increase the response rates of promotional mailers by over 73%!

2.Tradeshow swag:

When you need to reach out to a massive tradeshow audience comprising of all possible age groups and genres, you need a swag that enjoys mass popularity like custom magnets. Versatile, gender neutral and above all casual, magnets will add a fun twist to even the most serious business events. Customize it with your message and brand to turn it into high visibility business cards that your recipients will never misplace!

3.Grand opening invitations

Save the date magnets make a delightful way to send invitations during special occasions like grand opening or milestone celebrations. It will make sure that your invitees will turn up without fail and these magnets will end up as souvenirs of the big day as well. Everyone will lovefull color magnets as fridge décor and a handy way to stuck up their kids’ artwork or recipes.

4.Milestone celebration tokens

Custom magnets make great memorabilia for your customers during milestone celebrations of your organization.  Imprint your greetings, artwork or anything else that you wanted to share with your recipients. You can even distribute these among your employees as appreciation gifts and great motivational tools that will drive up their brand loyalty.

5.Fund raising items

Sports themed magnets are excellent fund raisers to promote sporting events, booster clubs and more. Customize it with your team logo or mascot to turn it into high value sports say souvenirs and your recipients will be proud to support their favorite team by buying these attractive custom magnets. Starting at a price of only a few cents, magnets can be sold at a higher price to raise funds for your events.

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