6 Tips To Make Your Calendar Magnets Popular

Calendar magnets offer an incredible marketing opportunity for  businesses to boost their brand exposure.

Available in a wide range of shapes and sizes, these full color custom magnets ensure great value  for your promotional dollars by keeping your name in front of your clients or members. It is ideal for all types of businesses ranging from real estate agents, sports clubs, medical centers and more. Moreover, these magnets will keep the target audience engaged thereby making valuable brand impressions, long term.

While digital ads can create only a momentary curiosity in your message, high utility handouts like custom calendar magnets will make a tangible reminder of your brand to become a constant reference for your audience. The best part is that calendar magnets are not just for New Year promotions but can also be incorporated into your marketing plan all through the year. No matter whether you prefer to use it as employee  giveaways, or promotional handouts, custom calendar magnets will  fit all your bills with ease.

Now for some great tips to make the most out of your magnetic calendars

Celebrate colors

Celebrate colors with full color imprints so that your message and artwork will stand out easily.

Creative Customization is the key

Make your custom calendars unique by getting it imprinted  not just with your brand and message but interesting taglines that will make it truly special. It will even make a great conversation topic among your audience while your message gets the much desired word of mouth publicity. Use  fonts that are large enough; so that it can be read from a normal distance.

Keep it simple

 Don’t stuff too much information into the small space, as it will leave the viewers confused. Keep it simple while making sure to include all the essential information like name and logo.

Make it value added

 You can also think of adding other useful information like local festivals, safety tips or CPR information that everyone will find useful. It will give your recipients an added reason to refer these magnets more often.

Order in surplus

Ordering in bulk will ensure the best discounts and price advantage. It will also help you to get your calendars out to as many potential clients as possible. Custom calendar magnets are a great investment that give back; because the more people know about your message the more popular your business would be.

Make it visually appealing

 Adding relevant information is only half your job done. To maximize the impact, you can come up with brilliant artwork an designs that will make eyes pop. A great design will drive your promotional dollars further.

Looking for more tips? Reach out to our creative team to get started on a sure footing.

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