4 Great Ways To Use Football Schedule Magnets To Market Your Business

Football is not just a  popular game of incredible universal appeal but an essential marketing opportunity too for any business. The most popular sport in America, football enjoys sky rocketing TV ratings thereby providing ample scope for business promotions and publicity. Whether you are promoting your real estate business, insurance company or  just the down town coffee shop, custom sports schedule magnets will make a great choice.

Still on fence? Here are some great ways to meet your business goals with custom football schedule magnets.

Get your message to Where The People Are 

 Get your brand name right into the target audience and make them see your message in a familiar space. Also spare a thought at the places where your customers gather, so that you can be bang on target. Whether it is a local coffee shop or a salon, hand out these full color custom magnets to people that matter and reach people where they are.

Custom magnets will also help you to place your message in spaces where people congregate, which makes it all the more effective. In addition, these high visibility magnets will continue to make consistent impressions at one time investment.


Football makes a perfect topic to engage them in a brief conversation. Customize these full color magnets with your team colors and have them remember your brand for a long time.


Sports magnets can be used in countless ways for all types of businesses. For instance, realtors can use it at open houses or  mailer campaigns while non profits can use it for fund raising events. No matter how you wish to use it , these full color magnets will make a great conversation starter that will get you more referrals.

Easy to customize

Sports magnets can be customized to meet your promotional theme. It can be used to connect with customers and introduce yourself to new contacts. Whether you prefer to use it as handouts or as mailer items, a football schedule magnet will stand out and will ensure that your mailers get opened. We have envelopes in multiple colors for you to choose from, and there’s no price difference for color.

Include Multiple Teams In Your Mix

You can even combine schedules of college and pro teams on a single magnet to reach a broad audience. Your fans will feel excited that you are paying attention to their likes and tastes. It will indeed set you apart.

Wish to make football schedule magnets as your swag? Explore our collection to choose models that you will find interesting.

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