A Quick Guide To Use Refrigerator Magnets In Marketing

Promotional refrigerator magnets come handy not just to attach the shopping list or reminders! It doubles up as a great marketing tool for businesses; and is indeed a must- have item in the arsenal of every marketer that wishes to drive his budget return to new levels.


The best thing about custom magnets is that it offers a lot of  promotional possibilities. You can design custom magnets as not only promotional merchandise; but fund raising items, referral giveaways, mailer items or trade show swag- to list a few. Every genre of business can share their contact details  that customers want to have on hand right when they need with fridge magnets. Your recipients will never need to search for your number when it’s there on a magnet right on their fridge doors.

 Highly visible

The high contrast imprint on  these full color magnets draws easy attention. They stand out well against  the solid colored fridge doors and will remind your prospects of your brand  effectively. Best of all, unlike business cards  they won’t languish in the back of a wallet!

Be creative

You can make sure that your logo magnets not just enjoy a prime display; but are often referenced to by adding other useful information to it. Adding a calendar on the magnet will give your prospects a solid reason to keep your logo magnets on their fridge for  the whole year; because your recipients will find it useful to  schedule appointments and keep a track of holidays and special events. Every time they refer these calendars, your logo will be the first thing that they see.

Budget friendly

Starting at  a price of just pennies, custom  magnets are highly cost-effective. Your brand will make countless impressions at one time investment. So, even if you have a modest budget on hand, you can order refrigerator magnets in bulk to  make your customers happy and help your business get the recognition it deserves. Distribute to attendees at trade fairs, events and conferences and create a buzz for your brand!

Incredible shelf life

While traditional ads like print and TV  have only a very short shelf life and hence are forgotten easily; fridge magnets will enjoy a grand display on fridge doors just  in front of their eyes. This will make sure that your audience remains engaged with your message many times everyday; which means that their brand recall will go up more than ever.

Fully customizable

Full color refrigerator magnets offer an incredible imprint space for your brand, message and artwork. Make the most of it to grab easy attention of not just your primary recipients but everyone around. Apart from the basic details like your logo and contact information, think of adding an interesting artwork or a tagline that will pique interest in the minds of the audience.

Reports show that customers who receive any promotional item will have  a more positive attitude towards that brand and help make more sales. So, if you have been looking for a proven way to keep your brand in plain sight of your target audience without being intrusive, custom magnets could well be the best choice.

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