Business Card Magnets – The Missing Piece in Your Marketing Puzzle

 If you have been wondering why your promotional plan is not working as effective as it should, it is time to pay attention to the basic essentials like business card magnets. Though most marketers tend to overlook these ubiquitous items, these are indeed the missing pieces in every marketing puzzle.

Why business card magnets

Highly visible

These full color magnets will keep your contact info in plain sight of the audience. Thus they will have a ready reference of your business and you will be the first one they will reach out to. In addition, business card magnets will never get misplaced unlike paper cards as they stick to fridge doors and filing cabinets for a long time.

Limitless options

Business card magnets are available in a wide range of models  and themes for every business. You can easily find a card that matches your products and services.

Fully customizable

Business card magnets are fun to customize. Apart from your basic contact details, you can even include an artwork or tagline to make it more engaging. Options are all yours when you have versatile marketing tools on hand. Make the best use of the high visibility imprint space to place your message, logo, design or image.

Long lasting

These high quality magnets are durable and will hold up well through years of use. Thus marketers are all set to get consistent impressions for a long time that too without repeat investment.

Business card magnets ensure great value for money

In addition, these are inexpensive to print yet hold incredible power to display your message for a long term. Being budget friendly, these magnets will also make a great choice for mailer campaigns and trade shows. Having a modest budget on hand will never fail to make an impression when you have proven custom giveaways like business card magnets.


Business can increase sales and improve name recognition with Business card magnets thanks to its long term retention and visibility. All you need to do is send across these full color magnets to your target audience. It will make its way to the fridge doors of the recipients to engage everyone with your brand. Just think of the countless valuable impressions they make as they work ceaselessly for a long time.

Stay in Front of the Customer with Business Card Magnets

Besides, business Card magnets are probably the most popular size of promotional magnet.  Print your brand, tagline and artwork to make it one of its type. In addition, it is a good size to enclose with business correspondence and newsletters or to distribute in person.


Another factor that makes business card magnets popular is that people put them to good use for affixing their shopping lists or reminders. Reports also show that high utility giveaways get a wider acceptance than novelty items.

Easy to Distribute

Flat and unbreakable, custom business card magnets can even be mailed along with statements or other correspondence.So, if you have not been using business card magnets all these days, you are missing out on some incredible promotional benefits. 

Explore our complete line of  business card magnets to choose a model that you will find interesting.

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