Little Known Facts About Custom Fridge Magnets

The mere mention of fridge magnets conjure images of delightfully colored magnets in a variety of shapes that grace the fridge doors in most homes and offices. Apart from being an attention grabbing fridge décor item; these full color custom magnets also double up as a handy way to pin up reminders and shopping lists. Giving away a branded magnet as a free gift with a purchase encourages customers to stay with your company. Just think how these magnets will remind them of your brand  every time they look at the magnet on their refrigerator.

Easy to customize

Moreover, you can easily create a branded fridge magnet that perfectly represents your business. Add your logo, message and artwork that reflect your brand identity on these magnets, to make an attention grabbing promotional swag. Available in  a variety of designs and sizes,  custom fridge magnets also make a one-of-a-kind  branding tool for your business.

Engage the audience

Using custom fridge magnets as merchandise at corporate events is indeed a proven way, to get people interested in and loyal to your brand. Further, creating a branded fridge magnet that perfectly represents your business is simple. So, if you are looking for a custom handout that will leave a lasting impression on your prospects without breaking your budget; look no further than custom fridge magnets.

Choices galore

Custom refrigerator magnets are available in various models; like business card magnets, sports schedule magnets and picture frame magnets among others. Thus you can easily choose a model that will match your promotional theme.

Long lasting

The longevity of  logo magnets make it a branding machine literally! Every time your prospects or someone else see your logo on these magnets; they will become aware of your brand. These magnets even set off word of mouth publicity to get your message across far and wide. Designed for indoor usage; these magnets are also typically light weight and mailer friendly.

Fun to customize

Logo magnets will offer a new realm to your creativity as  marketers can place not only their logo but anything they find interesting like an artwork or a tagline that will pique interest in the minds of the audience. High-resolution printing can make a significant difference in the final product’s quality. Investing in these stunning and eye-catching fridge magnets will make a great difference in your brand popularity. Fridge magnets, with proper care can last a long time and serve as your tangible brand reminder even after the event.

So, whether you want to make a set of custom fridge magnets as promotional giveaways or personal favors, we can assist you in making the perfect magnets that will look great and last for years.

Here are some examples of how fridge magnets can be used to promote your brand

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