Boost Your New Year Promotions with Calendar Magnets

A calendar is a basic organizational tool  that everyone needs to function seamlessly and schedule their multiple tasks and holidays.  Having a calendar handy makes it easy to keep track of important dates. That is what makes custom calendar magnets a stupendous choice to give your business 365 days of brand promotion at one time investment.

Surveys show that around 79% of people responded that they like to receive calendar magnets as promotional giveaways. Marketers can invest in these crowd pleasing items to enhance their brand popularity  on a low budget.


 Calendar magnets are highly cost effective. So incorporating these full color custom magnets in your campaigns make a winning strategy that your customers enjoy. In addition, it also has the potential to pay you back in a big way.

Limitless choices

Available in a wide range of models, custom calendar magnets make inspiring promotional items that go hand in hand in every new Year promotion. Here are some popular models to consider.

Shaped calendar magnets

Gone are the days when calendar magnets were simple and rectangle shaped. Today , you will find a lot of interesting shapes in calendar magnets , which will allow you to choose a model that complements your branding theme. For instance, if you are promoting your realtor services, there cant be a better choice than these house shape calendar magnets. It will drive home your message in style without being loud and overwhelming. It will also impart an added  element of charm to your advertising. Add your logo and message to make it an eye catchy design that is hard to forget!

Picture Frame  calendar Magnets

One of the best sellers in custom magnets, picture frame calendar magnets have multiple uses.  Apart from being a cute photo frame for your recipients to cherish their priciest memories and snapshots, it will double up as an yearly calendar and a brand reminder  for your business alike. Available in various sizes and models , these logo items will also ensure consistent impressions for your brand . So, invest in these logo magnets to reinforce to solidify your brand presence in homes, schools and workplaces!

Peel and stick Calendar Magnets

If you want to offer a new twist on a traditional calendar, offer your clients a paper calendar with a magnetic top with your business card. When the year is through, your customers will surely hold onto their refrigerator magnets or use updated ones that you send out as part of an ongoing campaign.

School calendar magnets

Calendars are obviously something every student, parent and teacher relies on heavily during every school year. It will help them to follow their schedules and keep a tab on the holidays and other events in schools. Available in various models like calendar magnets for elementary school, high schools and more, you can easily choose a model that will match your theme. School managers can get these magnets customized with their logo, contact details or mascot to make a great advertisement for them while offering a functional calendar for their recipients. Win-win

Looking for more? Browse our complete line of calendar magnets to choose a model that will  fit your marketing plan. Watch this space for our daily blog posts to stay on top of the trends of promotional magnets.

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