Customize Save the Date Magnets for Any Occasion

Though there is a common notion that save the date magnets are only for weddings; it is a proven fact that these magnets are as popular for all types of events. It will help people remember any special event. No matter whether it is a personal celebration or a professional event, save the date magnets will make a physical reminder right on their fridge; where they’re more likely to see them every day.

In addition, custom magnet invitations have a personal vibe about it, which in turn  can go a long way  in ensuring full  attendance! Wondering which event can benefit most from the use of save the date magnets?

Here are a few ideas that you will find interesting.

Benefit Dinners

Benefit dinners will bring communities together to work towards a common goal and raise funds for charity organizations, individuals or events. Big or small, every event needs save the date magnets to spread the word and enhance awareness. You can either hand them out in person or drop them in the mail to extend your reach.

Grand Openings

Make sure that everyone in the locality is invited for your grand opening celebration by sending out save the date magnets? Customize it to match the theme by adding your logo, event details and  venue. This will drive footfalls and draw in curious customers while you get incredible patronage from day One!


Save the date magnets are light weight and mailer friendly. So, if you are organizing a concert, there cant be a better way to announce it than these trendy magnets. Available in various shapes  and sizes, you can easily choose a model that will match your theme; instead of investing in standard rectangular or circular shape magnets. Include not just the essential information that your attendees may need, but bring alive the spirit of your music at its best!

Political campaigns

It is important for any contestant to make the entire community know about their candidature, and the political campaigns.  It will not just make the candidate popular but will help the voters remember the date.  You can send them out in mailers or hand them out in person. So the voters will find it easier to have a face to go with your name and to  know more about their candidate.

Sporting Events

Save the date magnets can be used to keep track of important game days of the season including school and community level sporting events . The best part is that it will ensure a healthy attendance and popularity for even a small event.

Holiday events

Businesses that are hosting holiday parties and events for their employees and  their families will find save the date magnets  a great way to share the news, while highlighting their brand identity. Choose from a wide range of themed magnets  for  the ultimate impact.

Thus, custom save the date magnets can be used for any event that you want your attendees to be engaged in. Available in various themes, sizes and price rates, these full color magnets offer something special for everyone. Browse our exclusive section of save the date magnets to choose a model that will fit your theme.

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