Creative Ways to Use Custom Magnets to Drive Sales

Ever fancied to gain advertising exposure disguised as a free gift? Look no further than custom magnets. These full color, fun magnets in a wide range of shapes will help you advertise in a way that makes customers feel like they got the better deal! So, if you have been spending a fortune in printing your company name on tons of brochures without the desired result, it is time to switch to custom magnets. With such a wide variety of promotional magnets to advertise your company, it is going to be a breeze.

Why magnets

Magnets are effective! They’re a free, useful items for everyone and are ridiculously cheap, advertising for you. Everyone wins!

But how do you make it interesting
Think of some interesting and original ways to customize magnets to make it interesting Use these methods to boost brand awareness in fun ways your recipients will surely want to engage in.

Offer more

Distributing custom magnets in trade shows and business events is indeed a great way to promote brand awareness because people will see your company name sticking out from their fridge doors and filing cabinets. However, if you wish to truly impress them, choose logo magnets that are much more than an ordinary magnet. Picture frame magnets are a perfect choice in this segment.

Apart from being a full color magnets that will deck up the fridge doors, these magnets also double up as a picture frame for the snapshots of the audience. Win-win. Thus your audience will have a merchandise to remember you and a positive memory of your brand. Choosing something extra ordinary and trendy will do the trick in impressing the recipients quickly.

As mailer items

You can also exceed the expectations of your customers by giving free magnets with their purchase or as mailer items along with your business letters. They will indeed be surprised to get something when nothing is expected. Cost effective magnets can also be given as customer loyalty giveaways or as personal handouts during business events.

Easy to customize

Magnets are fully customizable. So, you can easily place your brand, message and artwork on these full color magnets to make it your promotional swag . When your magnet finds its way to the home or office of your recipients, your brand will get ample publicity.


Magnets are steal worthy giveaways that people love to share within their social groups. Result- your message reaches a wider audience group beyond the primary recipients. Thus logo magnets will make a great advertising investment that will continue to give back for a long time even after the event.

Think creative

Magnets are light weight and easy to distribute. So, only your imagination is the limiting factor here. Think of innovative ways to distribute magnets to get your brand into a wider audience. For instance, you can plop one in that mailer envelope or set them at the billing counter for the consumers to pick up. It is a great way to give away magnets without even making them aware people noticing.
Magnets also make great fun contest giveaways for your employees or clients. Whoever gets the highest score each week will win these full color magnets.

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