Custom Button Magnets- Branding Tools That Your Customers Will Love To Show Off

Small button magnets are head turners in their own right. Check out these American made, 1.5 inch circle magnets that will make a stylish label for your brand. Small, yet overpowering, these pint sized magnets have left a streak of success in promotional circuits to prove time and again that good things come in small sizes! These cute looking magnets can be customized with your brand, artwork or message to make it a delightful billboard that will draw the attention of anyone who sees it.

1.5 Inch Custom Circle Shape Magnets 25 Mil

Customize these button magnets with full color mascots or tagline and see how your recipients will simply love to show it off at their filing cabinets, refrigerators or in fact any metal surfaces. Button magnets are especially well suited for business campaigns, election rallies and other mass events like tradeshows, mailer campaigns or awareness events because the low price advantage will make it possible for marketers to hand these out to everyone in their audience without feeling money pinched.

People love to be part of your social message or your activities and a button badge will make a smart option to pique interest in your audience and inspire them to be your brand ambassadors. If you are a brand that people will love, custom button magnets will be a delightful way to influence your crowd. While your existing clients and fans will love to wear a badge with your logo, it will take a bit of extra effort for you to grab the attention of the new prospects.

If brand building is your aim then build up a buzz by making it part of your awareness campaigns or events of community relevance like charity events or health marathons. Badges that highlight your social commitment will surely grab the attention of the audience. This will generate positive brand awareness that will create a positive impression about your brand in a subconscious manner.

With prices of button badges starting at just a few cents, these custom magnets offer the best value for your promotional investment. Our 1.5” button badges come in different models including outdoor car magnets and refrigerator magnets among others. Customize these custom magnets with full color logo or taglines to make it an attention grabbing magnet that your recipients will surely cherish for a long time.

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