6 Smart Tips To Use Promotional Stickers In Your Marketing

Stickers are small and humble marketing tools that can ensure big results for your business. Custom stickers are especially well suited for businesses with small budgets that wish to employ guerrilla marketing strategies. If you have not used stickers in your promotions, here are six tips on how and when to use these nondescript items in your branding to reap maximum benefits.

6 Smart Tips To Use Promotional Stickers In Your Marketing

As Car Stickers

Promotional car and bumper stickers will make a great way to get your brand seen by everyone on the road. These versatile and colorful branding tools will add a pop of color to the vehicles and pique quick interest among anyone who sees it. Though these can be especially useful to companies related to the car industry, car stickers can be used to promote all types of businesses and brands. You can easily distribute branded bumper stickers along with purchases, tradeshow literature or as an alternative to business cards.Custom Die Cut Stickers 1 to 4 Square Inches - Permanent White Glossy Shiny Lamination Paper

To announce special offers

Brightly colored stickers can be used to announce special offers and spread your message to the shoppers who come to your stores. Discounts, special deals, combo offers and promotional offers can be promoted using these attractively colored stickers. Printing ‘Call to Action’ on these types of stickers is another smart way to make the most of the branding potential of these logo items. Stickers are available in various shapes like rectangle, circle and oval among others. Die cut stickers will enable you to make stickers in any shape of your choice including animals, vehicles or sports goods among others to complement your brand and product line. These attractive stickers will ensure better brand recognition.

Stickers can be used to promote your charity

Promotional stickers are low cost items that can be used to promote your charity initiatives. Distribute these brightly colored stickers in public places as an incentive for passers-by to donate. Customized stickers can be used in educational and awareness events too to share your contact details and inspire your audience to donate for the cause. Some stickers even have the option for printing on the back, which will enable you to include additional information.

Stickers make popular handouts at tradeshows

Make your tradeshow booth stand out by handing out custom stickers, which will make a fun alternative to a business card. Stickers are available in various colorful and lively designs and patterns that will set a great background for your message. Promotional stickers can also be handed out while sponsoring local events such as youth events or charity drives or award ceremonies to support the community and spread your message.

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