5 Custom Handouts To Build Brand Magnetism

Brand magnetism converts straight into customer loyalty and brand popularity. To put it simply, your brand recall and customer loyalty will all depend on how strongly the consumers are attracted to your company’s brand. It takes a lot of repetitive efforts for a company to earn the attention of a new prospect.

One way to get your message out in front of your prospects in a budget friendly manner would be through the use of promotional products. Consumers love freebies that will reinforce your brand image and inspire them to follow your call to action. If you are looking for some logo items that will literally pull in your audience, look no further than custom magnets and decals that will make your brand stick not just on the magnetic surfaces of their home or office but in their minds as well.

1.Bumper stickers

Bumper Stickers: Get a better brand mileage with these portable billboards that are seen by everyone on the road everytime the vehicle’s occupants go for a ride. Just imagine the exposure your brand will get as your cars or delivery vehicles are driven around the crowded streets or parked in the parking lots. Even in the dreadful traffic bottle necks, your branding will have something to cheer about as the motorists will have a perfect opportunity to read about your brand and message on these bumper stickers.

3x11.5 Inch Customized Square Corner Rectangle Outdoor Bumper Stickers - White Vinyl Permanent Layflat

Easy to apply and take out, bumper stickers can be used in different vehicles of your fleet to optimize your branding and to ensure the best outcome.

2.Car Magnets

Car Magnets: Get more value for your promotional investment with a customizable car magnet. These full color magnets will add wheels to your promotional campaigns and take your brand far and wide. Available in a variety of sizes, outdoor car magnets are durable, weather-resistant and attention grabbing.

4 Inch Custom Printed Circle Magnets - Outdoor & Car Magnets 30 Mil


Labels : Make your holiday mailers or gifts extra special with these custom colorful labels that add a distinct identity and a festive feel to even a low key promotional gift package. Customize it with your brand or mascot to turn it into warehouse labels, store window décor items and more. These can be stuck on just about any surface and are will make heads turn!

x3 Inch Custom Rectangle Labels - Permanent White Film Matte Lamination

4.Magnetic Memo Boards

Magnetic Memo Boards: Make sure that your brand and message is seen by your prospects everytime they put on their thinking caps and inspiration strikes.  These memo boards will make a handy place for your recipients to doodle or scribble their random thoughts. Your branding message on these memo boards will easily grab their attention and create a visual memory that will never fade away. These versatile handouts can be used to promote all types of businesses including dental clinics, schools and fashion brands among others.

4x7 Custom Magnetic Memo Boards Magnets 20 Mil Round Corners

5.Picture Frame Magnets

Picture Frame Magnet: Let your brand share space with the most treasured memories of your recipients on these picture frame magnets. Every time they cherish their priceless moments they will develop an affable connection with your brand. Let your imagination free because you can customize these highly popular magnets with your full color artwork, tagline or infact anything that you wish to share with your audience to grab their maximum attention.

3.5x4.5 Custom Photo Frame Apple Punch Magnets 20 Mil

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