Custom Calendar Magnets – How Relevant Are These Among Modern Promotional Swag

Business calendars might have been a staple in promotional industry since time immemorial. But if you thought that with the advent of smart phones and watches that remind the users of not just the time but month and year, calendars have become obscure, you could be in for a surprise! Calendars and calendar magnets still adorn all possible spaces at home and offices of most people and these tiny items grab most glances all through the day and ensure 365 days of hard core brand promotion for marketers!

Everyone will take a closer look at the magnetic calendars stuck on their filing cabinets or refrigerator doors to plan their holidays, to make little notes and even to plan their finances. These custom magnets are always there all the time unlike paper calendars that people carry from one spot to another for their convenience and hence have a higher chance of damage or misplacement.

Here are some of the calendar magnets that can be considered for your promotions

20 ml calendar magnets : Customize it to suit your business theme or corporate colors and see how your recipients will treasure these logo items for the whole year. Every time they look at these calendars stuck up on the refrigerator doors or filing cabinets, they will be reminded of your brand while the regular brand impression will enhance your goodwill.4x7 Custom Calendar Magnets 20 Mil

Pizza calendar magnets : Looking for a trendy hand out to promote your pizzerias? Look no further than these pizza calendar magnets. Imprint your special menu, phone number, take away specialties or infact any information that your recipients will find useful and see how your phone never stops ringing! Popular and budget friendly, these logo magnets when ordered in bulk will carry attractive cash savings and discounts.4x7 Custom Pizza Calendar Magnets 20 Mil Square Corners

Peel and stick tear off magnetic calendars These calendar magnets will ensure a month full attention unlike many other short-lived campaigns like newspaper or radio ads. Save on ground shipping within the continental USA.3.5x6.25 Peel n Stick Tear Off Calendar Magnets 25 Mil

House shaped calendar magnets Will work great for real estate marketers to promote their upcoming projects during tradeshows, real estate expos or regular in-store promotions. Marketers trying hard to retain a regular customer base can easily rely on this house shape magnet to make difference.4.75x3.87 Custom Real Estate House Shape Calendars Magnets 20 Mil

The best part is that Calendar magnets double up as refrigerator art or a handy hold up for shopping lists and kids’ artwork in most homes and people always have a permanent spot for their calendar magnets. Banks, insurance companies, schools, doctors’ offices are some of the business lines that employ calendar magnets to get their message out to the audience.

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