Custom Door Hanger Campaigns- Tips To Remember

Looking for a fun way to make fresh leads and increase your brand goodwill in your community? Look no further than door hangers; increase local sales and get your message directly to your audience. TV ads are expensive, flyers are discarded and people could drive past the billboards without even glancing at them.  This is what makes promotional door hangers interesting. These advertisements that you can hang on the door of a business or residence are budget friendly means to spread your message to a large number of customers easily.


Not sure whether custom door hangers are the right options for you? Here are a few benefits that you might not have thought about.  Door hangers remain largely underused promotional items though they can keep your brand right in front of your audience.

Get your brand in front of the audience

Door hangers will cheekily put your brand name right on someone’s door. Nobody can overlook these brightly colored door hangers that hang down from the door knobs. They can’t even get in their home without ever seeing it!

Cost effective

Door hangers are budget friendly handouts that will tempt the recipients to read the advertisement imprinted on it. Your ad is not getting tossed aside as the target audience who finds your services or products interesting will definitely note down the details or retain the door hangers for future reference.

Great For Targeted Marketing

Door hangers will help you reach out to your target audience with utmost precision. You can plan a campaign across a specific locality/ postal area and target even micro neighborhoods and only those communities that you actually want to see your message.

Customization is the key

Make sure that your custom door hangers look great against someone’s door and catch their eye. Get them imprinted with your tagline, an interesting slogan, contest or images to get your audience engaged with your brand. One great addition to your door hanger would be a business card. Magna Hang Door Hanger with 3.5×2 Business Card Magnets 20 Mil make a perfect choice to enjoy the double goodness of door hangers with the classic brand building tool of business cards. These are perfect for door-to-door campaigns and tradeshows; people never get bored of these attractive promotional tools t with a retro charm about it. The best part is that your recipients can keep your business card to stay in touch.

11x4.5 Custom Magna Hang Door Hanger with 3.5x2 Business Card Magnets 20 Mil

Door Hangers are affordable; so you can even have door hangers with different designs and promotional message for different neighborhoods depending on the unique tastes and life styles of the community. It will ensure greater acceptance among your audience.

If you have a door hanger campaign in mind, browse our collection and choose a model that matches your promotional needs.

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