Custom Double Sided Magnets- Double Brand Exposure At The Cost Of One!

Custom magnets are attention grabbing and budget friendly handouts for business promotions. A full color magnet will turn heads instantly and will ensure the much desired publicity for your brand. Logo magnets will make a great fridge décor as well because everyone loves a pop of color on their plain fridge surfaces. The best part is that these double up as a handy hold up for your kids artwork or your shopping lists and cookery notes. Whatever said and done, the popularity of these simple custom items of magnets have only gone up with time, which encourages marketers to employ these low cost items in their marketing mix.

Outdoor promotions, awareness events, fund raising events- you name the event you have in mind and we have the most appropriate custom magnets in our collection. If you are looking to leave a long lasting impression among your audience, look no further than these double sided magnets that will ensure double brand exposure at the price of one! Does it sound too good to be true?

Check out these unique double sided magnets and see how these logo items will add a double advantage to your business promotions.

2.53×2.88 Custom Double Sided Phone Shape Magnets: These make great custom promotional items for marketers trying to promote dual businesses at a time. Great for trade shows or in-store promotions, these double sided phone shape magnets will grab quick attention due to its quirky shape and brilliant colors. You can utilize both the imprint sides to place your brand and message.

2.53x2.88 Custom Double Sided Phone Shape Magnets 45 Mil

House Shape Double Sided Magnets 45 Mil: These make a perfect marketing tool for promoting realtor services, home loan services and more. This double sided magnet offers enough space for marketers to smartly place their business messages while the unique shape of the magnets will easily turn heads. These quirky magnets will make their way straight to the fridge doors as decorative items and every time your recipients need your services they know where to find you!

2.75x3.19 Custom House Shape Double Sided Magnets 45 Mil

2×2 Custom Double Sided Circle Shape Magnets 50 Mil: One product; double impact! These delightful dainty magnets will let you place double the quantity of business information than a normal single sided custom magnet. Share your thoughts, message or greetings with your audience with these magnets and make the most of your promotional dime.

2x2 Custom Double Sided Circle Shape Magnets 50 Mil

3.5×3.88 Custom Printed Double Sided Calendar Shape Magnets : Everyone needs calendars to stay sane all through the year and to put some order into their hectic schedules. These make a great business gift at the start of a New Year and can be offered during tradeshows or during store promotions. The other side of these calendar magnets can be imprinted with sports schedules, emergency numbers or special season deals that will get your recipients well engaged with your brand even when they are not using their calendar!

3.5x3.88 Custom Printed Double Sided Calendar Shape Magnets 45 Mil

Which of these double sided magnets are your favorite marketing tools? Share your ideas with us at the comments section.