Custom Halloween Magnets – Enhance Your Brand Recall And The Spooky Fun Of Halloween

The countdown for Halloween has started already and everyone is busy scouting for that perfect Halloween gift that will both surprise and scare their recipients. For marketers too Halloween makes a great time of the year to think of some quirky promotional gifts that are fun and eerie all at once.

Custom Halloween Magnets – Enhance Your Brand Recall And The Spooky Fun Of Halloween

If you haven’t considered investing in a Halloween fridge magnets, we would like you to give it a try and see the brilliant results that it will bring. Available in a range of Halloween themes and price points, these custom magnets will complement the Halloween theme at easy rates and will even make a delightful handout for the trick or treat bags!

Going by trends, some of the popular themes for Halloween fridge magnets this year include the following –

Halloween Car Truck Auto Vehicle Signs Outdoor Magnets: A perfect way to spread the eerie charm of Halloween, these car magnets will make a delightful way to dress up the vehicle in festive theme and to spring up a surprise among your audience. Personalize these with your brand, message and Halloween wishes and see how easily these will end up as their favorite souvenirs after the festival. Magnets have one of the lowest costs per impressions as these continue to display your brand without any repeat investment or effort.

12x18 Custom Halloween Car Truck Auto Vehicle Signs Outdoor Magnets 30 Mil Round Corners

Halloween Magnets 20 Mil Round Corners: Choose an artwork or a cheeky message to be imprinted on these attractive round corner magnets to make it an ideal promotional gift. If you don’t want the customary skull, spiders or vampires on it, go for some funny themes to remind your customers that Halloween is a special time of the year when they can have lots of fun. It will make a perfect trick or treat item too, which will make its way straight to the refrigerator doors or filing cabinets of the recipients. Order today to get started with these full color printed magnets at extremely low prices!

2x3.5 Custom Halloween Magnets 20 Mil Round Corners

Halloween Wishes Magnets 20 Mil Round Corners: Halloween is not just the time to scare the daylight out of people or to pull off scary tricks but also to spread cheer and exchange wishes. These pretty round corner magnets will make a perfect choice for greeting during Halloween season. It can even be used as party invitation for your guests.

3x5 Custom Halloween Wishes Magnets 20 Mil Round Corners

Pumpkin Shape Magnets 20 Mil: No Halloween celebrations can be complete without carved pumpkin lanterns and décor. These pumpkin shaped magnets will make a great gift bag item and a refrigerator magnet that will add a pop of color and Halloween charm to the homes of your recipients. You can send these as mailers to your employees and regular customers as a surprise token of Halloween.

1.87x2 Imprinted Pumpkin Shape Magnets 20 Mil

We have a lot more in Halloween magnets. Make sure to browse along to pick up something that is as unique as your brand promotional theme. Happy Halloween!