Custom Magnets Bulk- Make Your Mass Promotions Budget Friendly

Are you one of the scores of budget savvy marketers out there looking for the best budget friendly handouts to promote your brand? Look no further than custom magnets which strike a perfect balance between high utility and low cost. Look at anyone’s refrigerator doors and you are likely to find a couple of magnets that promote business or some social cause. Refrigerator doors have become the world’s favorite place for free advertising!

Free magnets get lapped up in tradeshows and events by your recipients to make their way to the fridge doors, right in the eye span of their whole family, friends and guests. Kids will love to move them around and play with these colorful magnets. Everyone will notice the quirky designs or the brand over them and the consistent impressions that magnets make in their life time is what makes leads and business enquiries. Next time when your recipients want to buy a product, they know where to look for your contact details. It is amazing to note how subliminal these little magnets can ever get while they work.

Ideal for promoting all types of businesses, custom magnets are something everyone will love to get as freebies. Bulk orders carry the best rates, which makes it a perfect choice for mass promotions where other custom gifts might not work. The best part is that magnets are available in a range of designs that there is something special for everyone.

Sports themed promotions

Be it baseball, football, hockey or golf, there is a whole lot of sporting events with a rich smattering of both professional leagues and amateur leagues lined up for the days ahead. Custom sports schedule magnets in bulk will make a perfect choice to get that schedule out there for the fans to follow. These brilliantly colored schedule magnets that stand out and demand attention will make sure that they do not miss a single game. By imprinting the sports schedules on magnets, you can sneak in your brand on to the most popular appliance in the home… the family fridge! Offered in a range of shapes and models and team schedules, you can choose a sports magnet that matches your theme to ensure a brilliant brand promotion all through the sports season. The best part is that these custom magnets will not just bring them back to the games during the season but make delightful team souvenirs beyond that.

4x7 Custom High School Football Schedules Magnets 20 Mil Round Corners

Drive up brand loyalty with shaped magnets

Shaped magnets grab easy attention and ordering in bulk will make the best way to get the best price advantage. Just imagine the attention that a full color pizza shaped magnet on the fridge doors at your favorite pizzeria will get. Shaped magnets will convey your line of business easily and will make delightful fridge décor items. Apart from your brand and message, you can imprint kitchen conversion scale or emergency numbers to enhance the value of these logo items. These magnets will be seen by anyone who passes by the fridge in the office break room, at homes or restaurants where they will surely be noticed. Many will find these custom magnets great reminders of your brand.

2.625x2.375 Custom Printed Small Telephone Shape Magnets 20 Mil

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