Personalized Calendar Magnets – An Affordable Handout That Everyone Will Love!

Custom calendar magnets will set right the myth that only costly gifts make popular handouts. Practical and highly affordable, calendar magnets not just grab the attention of the recipients but will retain it for a whole year. It’s practical and easy to use for everyone while it makes a high visibility handout for businesses. By making custom magnetic calendars part of your promotional strategy, you can make this marketing tool work for your brand for a whole year. Clients will have a handy reference tool that helps them to stay organized and well planned for the year while you get priceless brand impressions.

Calendar magnets make a perfect gift to promote brand, businesses and social causes. Everyone needs calendars for their home, office and even on the go to keep a tab on the upcoming events and activities. There is never a wrong time to order calendar magnets as we are only a few weeks into 2018. With most calendar magnets featuring a convenient 13 month design, these logo items will make a perfect handout even now. Offered in various sizes and models, calendar magnets offer something special for everyone. Personalize these with your brand, artwork and message to leave your personal stamp over these highly functional daily use items. Easy to display and use, custom magnetic calendars make not just a high value marketing tool but an essential item that your recipients will love to retain all year long.

Calendar magnets as mailer gifts

Calendar magnets make perfect mailer gifts along with newsletters or promotional mailers. It will help the mailers to cut through the clutter and get opened!

Fund raising items

The high utility value of calendar magnets will make a perfect fund raising item because everyone will be happy to buy one for themselves and their friends or family. Customize these with your social cause or brand to get your message out to a wider audience of donors and supporters. Nonprofits depend on the donations of people and these low cost items can make your message well heard. Calendar magnets bulk will earn the best price advantage, which in turn will make your fund raising campaign successful.

Choices are all yours!

Calendar magnets are offered in a range of models and sizes. We can help you get started by listing out some of the best selling models

2×4.5 Custom Mini Refrigerator Calendar magnets: These highly functional calendar magnets will get a lot of attention on the fridge doors. Customize these with your brand and message to ensure a wide angle brand display.

2x4.5 Custom Mini Refrigerator Calendar 20 Mil Magnets Square Corners

School Calendar Magnets: A perfect way to engage your audience with your brand, school calendar magnets will get used on a daily basis for sure!

3.5x4 Custom School Calendar Magnets 20 Mil Round Corners

Announcement Calendar Magnets: Include a handy calendar while making announcements of wedding, milestone celebrations or business events to enhance the retention of these logo items and your brand exposure.

3.5x4 Custom Announcement Calendar Magnets 20 Mil Round Corners

Need more? Browse and shop at your pace and do share the experience of using these custom magnets in your marketing!