Custom School Calendar Magnets- Buy Once And Earn 365 Days Of Brand Promotion!

Another school year is in its final lap and schools are already busy planning their strategies for the new academic year that is only a few months away. There’s a lot to keep track in every school year and the best way for teachers, parents and teachers to go about it is by having calendar magnets in front of them. From the first day in school to the school sports days and conferences, a lot of activities and events come up as the year progresses.

Keep the fraternity connected the best possible way through personalized School Calendar to make sure that nobody misses out anything. Highly functional yet loads of fun, school calendar magnets keep teachers, parents and students well informed about the events lined up for the school year. Unlike paper calendars, magnetic school calendars stay right on the fridge doors for easy reference and will never get misplaced or damaged. Parents and teachers will appreciate the handiness while kids will love the fun designs!

Fun Designs

Choose from a range of jovial and playful designs that reflect the school spirit or the age groups of students that you wish to cater to. 3×4 Custom Mini School Calendar Magnets will make a great way to get your message across, list out the events and even to promote team spirit and school pride. Customize with your design and artwork to give it a unique touch and see how your teachers and parents will love to put it on a proud display on their fridge doors or filing cabinets for easy reference.

3x4 Custom Mini School Calendar Magnets 20 Mil

Offered in various sizes, these custom magnets can be selected to cater to the specific promotional needs.For instance 3.5×4 Custom Elementary School Calendar Magnets will retain the interest of even small kids due to its impressive size. It ensures a free hand in customizing it with popular motifs like blackboard, fun toys and more that will grab the attention of small kids. High School Calendar Magnets on the other hand is ideal to feature a plain and functional design required to get the message out in a precise manner.

3.5x4 Custom Elementary School Calendar Magnets 20 Mil Square Corners

A brilliantly colored calendar magnet will often make an interesting talking topic among parents as well. Reports show that parents often take referrals while searching for schools for their children and these logo items will drive up the goodwill and popularity of your school manifold. Customize these calendar magnets with designs like school bus, crayons, school mascot, school photos or more. Create your own categories like holidays, conferences, first day/last day and more to give a clear idea about the school calendar events to anyone who sees it.

Calendar Magnets offer 365 days of visibility and make consistent impressions thereby enhancing the brand recall of schools. It is easy to use and will make a handy reference tool for both parents and school kids alike. The best part is that school calendar magnets often end up as school souvenirs as kids go into the higher class next year and make nostalgic memories of childhood.

How do you plan to customize your school calendar this year? Feel free to share your tips and ideas in the comments section below.